Facebook-owned Instagram has more ambitious plans for itself than just being a place where you put up pictures. A recent prodding into Instagram’s APK revealed that the app is currently harboring files and icons for two important features.

APKs often have features in certain stages of their development in a dormant stage, which becomes completely operational once the company is ready to launch the final feature. Here, it was found that there were files and icons for “Call” and “Video Call” which heavily suggests that soon the firm plans on launching audio and video calling features in its direct messaging.

What bolsters this claim is the fact that this is not the first time this feature has surfaced in tech communities. Earlier a video call button image was found; however, when the company was approached to validate the rumors, they refrained from making any comment.

This also happened in this instance; the company spokesperson said that it couldn’t comment on whether this feature will be made anytime soon or will be made available at all.

Instagram is supposedly Facebook’s next big bet after it has scaled down activities of its bigger platform and is trying to stay under the radar.

If Instagram is indeed eyeing to be a major revenue churner for the company, it will have to find out a way to eclipse Snapchat. Although Instagram has heavily borrowed from Snapchat and has incorporated stories and filters in the app, it would take some serious rehauling for it to stand as a clear winner among the platforms.

However, if Instagram does plan on having a “call” and “video call” feature, the opportune moment for it will be to launch it while people are still grumbling about Snapchat’s recent update.

The flak which Snapchat is drawing from its users will become a boon for Instagram if used strategically.


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