Lenovo just introduced two new laptops – Felx 14 and Yoga 730. Both of the laptops received some minor changes from its predecessors and both incorporated Intel’s 8th generation processor.

While there aren’t many significant changes that this year’s laptops received; one of the additions to the Yoga 730 makes it stand out – support for Alexa.

Just like all the previous Yoga laptops 730 also has a touch screen and it can be folded into a tablet.

The price of this gadget starts from $900. The laptop boasts an aluminium body. However; it’s a little thicker and heavier than the Lenovo Yoga 900 series laptops.

If you didn’t like the rough ages and the thick bezel just beneath the display in the previous year’s model; you are here for a disappointment, as these are still the same in the 730.

Although it doesn’t have a Windows Hello camera, it features a fingerprint sensor.

Reportedly, the implementation of Alexa is similar to that of Cortana. It would prove to be particularly useful if you have more than one Alexa devices.
Lenovo Yoga 730 comes with three color options – grey, silver and copper. However, the copper colored 730 is currently only available in Europe. It will hit the market in April and will be available as 13- and 15-inch versions.

Flex 14, on the other hand, is the successor of Lenovo Flex 5. In Europe the company sells this series under the name of Yoga.

In this case Flex 14 will be known as Yoga 530 in Europe. The tech firm has set the starting price of this laptop at $600. This one will also start shipping in April.


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