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Samsung has recently started this trend of incorporating a dedicated hardware button that allows users to take the assistance of Bixby. Once the owner of the smartphone presses the button it launches the digital assistant of the company. Now it appears that LG is planning to integrate the same button with similar functionalities into the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone LG G7 ThinQ, which is supposed to be launched soon.

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According to a recent report by CNET, LG G7 ThinQ would feature a physical button, which, once the user presses, will launch Google Assistant. While at this point in time, it is not clear whether or not this information is true; it would actually make sense for LG to go through with this plan. It’s because LG had already launched the previous ThinQ devices equipped with Google Assistant. Since LG G7 is getting the ThinQ branding, it won’t be surprising if the phone integrates Google’s digital assistant.

However, unfortunately, users won’t be able to remap LG’s Google Assistant button just like the case is with the Samsung Bixby button. It means if the users, who would like to use the button for something different; such as opening another app; they will not be able to do that; not officially at least. Maybe the custom ROM will be able to change it; however, there is no news of that as of now.

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LG has refused to comment anything on the report, however; we will be able to tell more once the official details arrive regarding the G7 ThinQ.


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