The writing is on the wall; the world is shifting towards electric cars. Previously carmakers had snubbed the entire thing as hype rather than a bona fide, however, now with countries and consumers pressuring them to go the green way; they can’t do anything but comply. So companies that have shied away from having an electric car segment for so long are now scurrying to bridge the gap, and a new company to join the list is the luxury carmaker Bentley.

A report in Autoblog it was noted that in conversation with Auto Express, Bentley Lead designer Stefan Sielaff said, “A full electric Bentley is something I am extremely convinced we have to do.” The fact that Bentley will focus on having an electric car in its line up was confirmed by the statement “It will happen not so far in the future.”

It is still early to predict what Bentley has in mind for its EVs. However, Sielaff said that he was looking forward to making the EV experience by the company a wholly fresh and new, rather than following any concept that is already in place.

The lead designer said that Bentley’s EV pushes would his him and his team “a great chance to establish a completely new design language for the company.” That sounds quite promising and is bolstered by the fact that the company has a solid reputation garnered over the years by producing cars that are stunning as well as consistent performers.

Therefore, a mix of the old aesthetics and new age technology if done will be a marriage made in automobile heaven, if there is any such thing.

There is a reason why companies are pushing for EVs now, not only because there is a demand but also that there is a race between them to enter and establish themselves as a market leader in a nascent stage.

Tesla is a pioneer, but it needs to sort out its production hiccups if it wants to be a leader, so the grounds are open to having someone who is ready to churn out quality EVs at an affordable price.


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