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Credit: Flickr

Google Assistant helps users with a lot of tasks and now a new one is getting added to that list. It appears that Google’s smart digital assistant can now even buy you movie tickets as well.

According to The Verge, Google has recently joined hands with Fandango. Now, just using the voice commands users will be able to ask Google Assistant to assist them in purchasing movie tickets. All you have to do is say “buy tickets” or “Hey Google, get me tickets for…”

Google Assistant
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This feature is coming to all the devices that have Google Assistant in them. It means this feature will work on smartphones, tablets as well as Google Home devices. However, Variety noted that if you attempt to buy movie tickets using Google Home, after choosing the name of the movie and showtime, it will get directed to your smartphone. So, basically, you have to make use of the phone to complete the entire process.

Undoubtedly, it is quite a useful feature to have. Also, users will now be able to check any movie’s showtime in their nearby theatres using Google Assistant. All you have to do is use the voice commands. So, you can just sit in your room, check the showtimes of the movies that you want to watch and also buy the tickets using just your voice; no need to search the web anymore.



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