Know Alexandra Cooper's Net Worth, Career, Salary, and More!

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth – $10 Million

Alexandra Cooper’s net worth is $10 million. Her podcast Call Her Daddy, which she co-hosts with Sofia Franklyn, is her most well-known accomplishment.

Early Years

Alexandra Cooper was born in the month of August 1994 in Newtown, Pennsylvania. She joined Dirty Water Media in 2016 as an on-air studio anchor. Cooper played soccer for Boston University and was a standout performer. In 2014, the Patriot League championship was won by the club. She’s also a well-known Instagram personality, having over two million followers.

Alexandra Cooper has been linked to MLB pitcher Noah Syndergaard in a romantic relationship.

Call her Daddy

Alexandra Cooper is best known for co-hosting the “Call Her Daddy” podcast with Sofia Franklyn, a radio broadcaster. On the Barstool Sports podcast network, the show acquired a following. In 2018, Barstool’s network launched the show.

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Disputes over contracts

According to a May 2020 article in the New York Post, Sofia/Alexandra wanted to get away from Barstool after a few weeks of deadlock. The ladies were under a contract that paid them $75,000 per year at the time of the conflict, according to the New York Post. They’ll also get $2,500 if an episode draws a 10% higher audience than the show’s average.

Franklyn and Cooper protested by stopping recording episodes for several weeks in early April 2020. Meanwhile, Sofia’s boyfriend, HBO executive Peter Nelson, allegedly secured a new agreement for the couple at a new firm, despite the fact that they were under contract.

David Portnoy, the creator of Barstool, said that he offered the duo new contracts with high six-figure wages and a way to reclaim their intellectual property. Cooper was seemingly amenable to the arrangement, but Franklyn was not, according to a source close to the situation.

Sofia eventually left the show to start her own “Sofia with an F” podcast.

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Deal With Spotify

Alexandra inked an exclusive agreement with Spotify in June 2021, after being freed from Barstool, that might be worth $60 million in the long run.