Armand Douglas Hammer was born on August 28, 1986, in Santa Monica, California. This is where Armie Hammer grew up. His mother, Dru Ann, worked as a loan officer at a bank, and his father, Michael, owns Armand Hammer Productions, Knoedler Publishing, and several other businesses. Armie’s family, which includes his younger brother Viktor, lived in Dallas, Texas, for a short time before moving to the Cayman Islands when Armie was 7 years old. Before moving back to Los Angeles, they stayed there for five years. Hammer went to Faulkner’s Academy and Grace Christian Academy in the Cayman Islands, which was started by his father. He also went to Los Angeles Baptist High School, but dropped out during his junior year to focus on his acting career. At his parents’ request, he took classes at UCLA and Pasadena City College. Armie’s parents kicked him out of the house when he dropped out of school, but he says that they later got behind his career.

Hammer’s great-grandmother was the actress and singer Olga Vadimovna Vadina.

Oil tycoon Armand Hammer was Armie’s paternal great-grandfather. When Armand bought Occidental Petroleum in 1957, he did so with the help of money from his wife’s family. Until his death in 1990, he was the company’s CEO.

As of today, Occidental Petroleum has a market capitalization of roughly $10 billion and is still listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Armand Hammer’s net worth was estimated to be as high as $800 million at the time of his death. After adjusting for inflation, that’s around $1.6 billion now. According to some accounts, the fortune was much lower than previously reported. Armand passed away in 1990. The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is just a few blocks away from the Occidental Building and Hammer Art Museum, where he is interred. Hugh Hefner, Marylin Monroe, and Rodney Dangerfield are all buried in the same cemetery where Armand is interred.

What Is Armie Hammer's Net Worth?

His son Michael – Armie’s father– took over as executor of the estate after Armand’s death but received only a little inheritance. Armand is said to have been persuaded by Michael, a fervent Christian, to leave money to organizations like Jews for Jesus, Italy for Christ, and others. During Armand Mobley’s burial, his father, Douglas L. Mobley, announced that Armand had rejected Judaism and converted to Christianity while he was dying. A former real estate developer turned Christian missionary, Douglas was well-known in the community.

In 1985, Michael and Dru Ann met on an aircraft and quickly became inseparable friends. He was an executive at Occidental at the time she was working as a personal fitness teacher. Dru Ann and Douglas Mobey, Micahel’s paternal grandparents, raised him as an evangelical Christian. Michael moved his family to the Cayman Islands, where he established a Christian school, not long after the death of his grandfather Armand. At the time, Armie was about seven years old.

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Over 100 lawsuits were filed against the estate in a short period of time. There was barely $40 million left in Armand’s estate, according to a book on Armand’s life (one of thousands written). Armand’s art collection was the most valuable part of his estate, with a market value in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Armand Hammer Foundation received the art collection from Armand’s estate. The Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center in Los Angeles, which was situated in a building linked to Occidental Petroleum’s corporate offices, received the collection after the foundation donated it.

Armand reportedly spent $100 million on art during his lifetime. Due to an intricate arrangement, UCLA essentially owned the entire collection and the building. Controversy erupted over this agreement and would not be resolved for decades.

Some members of the Mobley family were displeased that the Armand Hammer Foundation ended up becoming the foundation’s top donor. Armand’s will specified that in the event of Michael’s demise, Dru Ann would take over as executor of the Armand Hammer Foundation, which shocked the family.

The Armand Hammer Foundation’s finances were decimated by lawsuits from nonprofits and family members. Only 6.5 million dollars worth of the Armand Hammer Foundation‘s assets were listed on the organization’s 1995 tax return.

When the charity needed money to fight the litigation, it sold some of its most prized possessions. The “Codex Leicester” was purchased by Bill Gates for $30.8 million in 1994, which is equivalent to $55 million today. This collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific papers is also known as the “Leonardo Codex.” In 1980, Armand paid $5 million at auction for the Codex, which is equivalent to $16 million today.

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What Is Armie Hammer's Net Worth?

What Is Armie Hammer’s Net Worth?

He’s an American actor worth $10 million, Armie Hammer. The Social Network, a David Fincher film, starred Armie Hammer as one of the identical Wiklevoss twins (2010). As a student #2 on the Emmy-winning FOX sitcom “Arrested Development,” Armie made his acting debut in 2006 on “Veronica Mars,” and guest-starred on the ABC series “Desperate Housewives” the following year.

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