Read more about Harvard’s own The Bachelorette star Bennett Jordan, his career, and net worth in the wake of claims that he was kicked off by Tayshia Adams.

Despite the fact that Noah Erb didn’t seem like the best buddy material to any of Tayshia’s bachelors on The Bachelorette, Bennett Jordan quickly detested him. During his two-on-one date with Noah and Tayshia, the sheet-mask-loving, normally quiet Bennet displayed an unexpected arrogance. Bennett, though, while dismissing Noah, stated that he “wasn’t privileged” to shock The Bachelorette audience. It’s no surprise that they’re curious about Bennett’s work and net worth, given that he allegedly traveled to La Quinta in a Rolls-Royce.

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Bennett is a Harvard alumnus who enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, something The Bachelorette fans are often reminded of. Clare Crawley demonstrated his riches in the first episode by giving Demar and the rest of the audience a tour of Chateau de Bennett. If Bennett’s white Rolls Royce, which matched his scarf during his entrance, didn’t already give away his refined taste and traditional elegance, the ABC star’s martini glass, dubbed “evening spa water,” and several fires definitely did. Bennett’s “boujee” lifestyle won him, supporters, on The Bachelorette, but Noah’s introduction into his and Tayshia’s equation brought everything crumbling down.

With his red bandana, mustache socks, and emotional intelligence book, “mean girl” Bennett not only insulted Noah, but he also made The Bachelorette viewers doubt his otherwise outstanding selling qualities.

Bennett from The Bachelorette was quickly found after a fast search. Andrew Jordan’s LinkedIn page states that he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Harvard University in 2007. Bennett casually mentioning his alma university, where an academic year costs a whopping $72,000 and higher, according to Investopedia, suggests he hails from a well-off family. Following graduation, the New York resident took on top relationship and asset management responsibilities with companies like Citi and Global Sage. Bennett then worked as a wealth and asset management recruiter at Sheffield Haworth until joining his current firm, Whitney Partners, LLC, in 2016.

The Bachelorette star has the job of managing director, wealth, and alternative asset management at the specialty search business. Bennett focuses on “wealth and alternative asset management, including private equity businesses and hedge funds,” according to his LinkedIn page. Bennett has a proven track record of developing companies and making strategic hires for rising companies.

“He has successfully placed top leaders in management, sales and distribution, investment professionals, information technology, compliance and risk, and financial planning and analysis,” according to The Bachelorette star’s website.

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Bennett has a net worth of “between $3 million and $5 million” as of 2020, according to Information Cradle. This suggests that the season 16 participant is Mr. Moneybags, as it covers his assets, money, and income. But, on The Bachelorette, how far will Bennett’s “boujeeness” get him? According to the Bachelor Nation’s own spoilers, there isn’t much to look forward to.

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