Bubba Sparxxx's Net Worth - Early Life, Career, And More!

Warren Anderson Mathis, better known by his stage name Bubba Sparxxx, is a rapper best known for his hit singles “Ugly,” “Deliverance,” and the US Billboard Hot 100’s No.7 “Ms. New Body.” Warren Anderson Mathis was born on March 6, 1977, in Troup County, Georgia, USA.

Bubba Sparxxx’s Net Worth

Bubba Sparxxx is a musician from the United States with a net worth of $800,000. Bubba Sparxxx, who was born Warren Anderson Mathis in Troup County, Georgia, in 1977, began rapping at an early age. In 1996, he relocated to Athens, Georgia, where he met his future business partner Bobby Stamps.

Bubba Sparxxx's Net Worth - Early Life, Career, And More!

Sparxxx self-released his first album before joining Interscope Records and re-releasing “Dark Days, Bright Nights.” It debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, but “Deliverance,” his follow-up, didn’t fare as well. Sparxxx’s third album, “The Charm,” was released with Virgin before he left to start his own label. In 2007, he and DJ Burn One collaborated on the song “Survive Till Ya Thrive.” “Pain Management,” his fourth studio album, was released in late 2013 through New South/E1 Entertainment. Throughout his career, Sparxxx has recorded over a dozen singles. “Ms. New Booty,” a collaboration between the Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark, debuted at number seven in the United States and became gold afterwards. Sparxxx’s song “Back in the Mud” was featured in an ESPN college football programme. He’s appeared on “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and “Celebrity Rap Superstar” on television. Sparxxx has performed for U.S. troops stationed overseas.

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Early Life

Bubba Sparxxx was born in the Georgia countryside to a bus driver and a grocery store cashier family. His first neighbour, a half-mile away, was the one who introduced him to rap music through two Live Crew mixtapes he received in the mail from New York City. Bubba Sparxxx began rapping as a hobby at the age of 15 after discovering West Coast “gangsta” rap artists such as OutKast, N.W.A., Eazy-E, and Too Short.

Bubba was a linebacker and tight end for the school’s American Football team in high school, earning All-Region honours his senior year. However, he became disinterested in sports and began rapping. Bubba Sparxxx met Bobby Stamps, who eventually became his manager and business partner and helped him build some connections in the music industry, after coming to Athens, Georgia in 1996.


‘Dark Days, Bright Nights’ is Bubba Sparxxx’s first mixtape issued on his own independent label Nocents Records. Sparxxx’s label grew quickly after receiving great reviews and selling 132,000 copies in the first week, becoming 11th Hour Entertainment. This early accomplishment fueled Bubba Sparxxxx’s net worth.

Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records, saw potential in Bubba Sparxxx’s rhyming technique, and gave him a contract. Bubba Sparxxx began working with Timbaland and Organized Noize after joining Interscope. It reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold. “Ugly” reached No.6 on the Billboard Hot Rap and R&B/Hip-Hop Singles charts. These later achievements undoubtedly improved Bubba Sparxxx’s net worth.

Bubba Sparxxx released “Deliverance” in 2003, which featured the hit songs “Heat It Up” and “Ms. New Body” before signing with Virgin Records and releasing “The Charm” in 2005. These achievements have undoubtedly increased Bubba Sparxxxx’s net worth.

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2007’s “Survive Till Ya Thrive” featured DJ Burn One. Bubba’s fourth studio album, “Pain Management”, came out in 2013 and included Rehab and Colt Ford. Bubba Sparxxx has previously worked with Limp Bizkit, Turk, Missy Elliott, Jadakiss, Heather Hunter, Dungeon Family, and Justin Timberlake. All of this has undoubtedly helped him develop a great rap career and make a good chunk of money.

Bubba Sparxxx has been on MTV reality shows “My Super Sweet 16” and “Celebrity Rap Superstar” as a rapper coach.

Bubba Sparxxx has worked on video games including Madden 2004 and Def Jam: Fight for NY in addition to music.