Chase Severino's Net Worth, Age, Career, Salary, and More!

He arrived on the globe as Chase Severino on June 7, 1990, making her 30 years old in 2020. Chase is a newbie to the “Big Fat Fabulous Life” and a reality star by profession. He is also employed by a construction firm as an accountant. Whitney Way Thore revealed their connection on her Instagram account, which thrust him into the spotlight.

Early Life and Education of Chase Severino

Severino was born in the United States in the year 1990. Dorian Severino (mother) and Harry Severino (father) are his parents (father). His father was a baseball player who subsequently became a sales consultant for a few automobile businesses. His younger sister, Kylie Severino, is also a blessing in his life. He was born in North Carolina and then relocated to Clayton with his sister.

Chase Severino’s Work and Personal Life

Chase Severino is a well-known reality television personality. He has starred in the show My Big Fat Fabulous Lives, which follows the life of his fiancée Whitney Way Thore, who at the start of the season weighed 380 pounds (170 kilograms).

Chase Severino’s Personal Life: Love Life

Chase Severino hasn’t tied the knot as of yet. Whitney Way Thore was his girlfriend. They were engaged in 2019 but broke up after it was revealed that he was expecting a kid from a previous relationship.

Dimensions of the Body

Chase Severino is a tall man, standing over 5 feet 7 inches tall. He is a fitness freak with a balanced body stricture, and he has assisted his ex-fiancée in losing weight.

Salary and net worth of Chase Severino

Chase Severino is worth an estimated 1.3 million dollars. However, there are no verifiable sources that reveal his significant sources of income, but it is thought that his employment as an accountant for a construction company pays well. He might perhaps have been working as a business owner.

Facts from Wiki

Various wiki sites have created Chase Severino biographies, although they are still absent from Wikipedia and IMDb. He may be found on Instagram under the handle @severinbro7, where he has over 75k followers.

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Chase Severino has demonstrated that love has nothing to do with a person’s physical appearance. He has always been by his partner’s side, loving her wholeheartedly.

Facts to Remember

Chase Severino was born in the United States.

July 7th, 1990 was his birthday.

The U.S.A. is where he was born.

Dorian Severino (mother) and Harry Severino (father) are the names of Dorian’s parents

The reality star (profession)

Height: 5’7″ tall

$1.3 million in net worth (estimated)

Whitney Way Thore -spouse/girlfriend

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