Chris Wallace's Net Worth - Early life, Personal Life, Career, And More!

Chris Wallace’s Net Worth

Michael Chris Wallace is an American television host, novelist, and journalist who has amassed a fortune of $25 million USD. Before joining Fox News in 2003, he spent 14 years as a reporter for ABC. He hosted the Sunday news show “Fox News Sunday,” which broadcast on Fox Broadcasting stations as well as Fox News. On December 12, 2021, Chris announced his departure from Fox in a terse statement.

Chris is a bit of a riddle wrapped in a mystery. He is a registered Democrat who works for Fox News and has a conservative political leaning in his views. Even though he was born to Jewish parents, he is married to a Catholic, and each night he places a rosary on his nightstand, touching it and saying a prayer. Chris is one of only a handful of journalists who has worked on all four major television networks throughout his career (technically he worked for CBS as an intern, but it still counts).

Early Life

Christopher W. Wallace was born on October 12, 1947, in the city of Chicago, Illinois. He was given the name Christopher because he was born on the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ voyage. Though Chris Wallace is the biological son of journalist Mike Wallace of the television show “60 Minutes,” he had minimal contact with him as a child, and the two only reconnected as Chris reached the age of adolescence. When he was a year old, his parents separated and divorced. Norma Leonard, Chris’s mother, had recently married CBS News President Bill Leonard, with whom Chris grew up.

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Chris Wallace received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, where he began his broadcasting career by reporting the news on the college radio station. His decision to forego Yale Law School and concentrate on journalism was influenced by a job offer from The Boston Globe after graduating from high school. After that, he began working for a Chicago television station until being hired by NBC in 1975 to serve as a correspondent for the network. In the early 1980s, he worked as a reporter for WNBC-TV in New York, where he spent 14 years before moving on to become a political correspondent for NBC News and then the Washington co-anchor for “Today.” During his 14-year tenure with ABC, he went on to host a number of shows for the network.

Personal Life

Chris has been married on two separate occasions. His first marriage, to Elizabeth Farrell, in 1973, resulted in the birth of four sons. He’s been married to Lorraine Martin Smothers since 1997 and they have two children. Lorraine’s ex-husband was the comedian, singer, and actor Dick Smothers, who died in 2011. (of the Smothers Brothers).

Chris Wallace's Net Worth - Early life, Personal Life, Career, And More!

The Fox News Channel Career

After a lengthy and fruitful tenure at ABC, Chris Wallace left the network in 2003 to join Fox News, where he began presenting his own show, “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” in 2004. The network came to regard him as one of the most respected and well-balanced anchors on the network, which he gained over time. Interestingly, he is a registered Democrat, despite the fact that he considers himself to be a Republican. The man apparently chose to register with the Democrats because he believed it was the most effective approach to have an impact on local elections in Washington, DC.

During his time at Fox, he has conducted scores of interviews that have garnered widespread attention. In 2009, he landed the first-ever interview with President Barack Obama on Fox News. The Republican Party’s Presidential Debate in 2016 was co-moderated by him. He was the one who did Donald Trump’s first interview following his election.

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Chris notably questioned Russian politician Vladimir Putin in a 2018 interview, posing the question of why so many of his political opponents end up dead. As a result of the interview, he was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Live Interview.

When Chris announced his departure from Fox News on December 12, 2021, the entire world was taken by surprise. Some of the viewpoints expressed by his colleagues Fox anchors were causing him to have a rift with management, according to reports from behind the scenes.