David E Kelley's Net Worth - Everything We Know!

David E Kelley’s Net Worth

David E. Kelley is a well-known television writer and producer in the United States. David E. Kelly has a $250 million net worth. That is his and his wife, actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s, combined net worth. Michelle has been married to David since 1993. They are the parents of two children.

David belongs to a select group of individuals who have developed shows for all four major American television networks: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. He’s also produced shows for a variety of well-known streaming services. David E. Kelley has won 11 Emmy Awards and four Peabody Awards as of this writing. In 2014, Kelley was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Early Life

David Edward Kelley was born in April 1956 in Waterville, Maine. Jack Kelley, his father, is a member of the US Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. He grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts, and went to Belmont High School. He went to Princeton University after high school and received a bachelor’s degree in political science. He wrote a play about the Bill of Rights for his senior thesis. Each amendment has its own personality. Following Princeton, he graduated from Boston University Law School with a Juris Doctorate. He wrote for the Legal Follies, a sketch comedy ensemble with a legal bent, while in law school. He proceeded to work for a Boston law company after law school, where he handled real estate and small criminal cases.

David E Kelley's Net Worth - Everything We Know!

Kelley, at 27 years old, began writing a legal thriller as a side pastime in 1983. He transformed the story into a screenplay, which was picked up by producers and turned into the Judd Nelson picture “From the Hip” in 1987.


In 1986, producer Steven Bochco was looking for young legal writers for his NBC series “L.A. Law.” Bochco offered David a role on the series after reading his From the Hip script. David kept his law career, fearing that his excursion into TV writing would be short-lived.

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David was promoted to story editor and co-producer for the second season. He was executive producer by 1989. Kelley won two Emmys for his work on L.A. Law.

The pair co-created “Dougie Houser, M.D.” in 1992. In the same year, they co-founded David E. Kelley Productions, which promptly signed with CBS.

“Picket Fences” ran for four seasons and 88 episodes. Picket Fences won 14 Emmys.

In 1994, he created “Chicago Hope,” which ran for six seasons on CBS.

After leaving CBS in 1995, David got a new contract with 20th Century Fox. The Practice and Ally McBeal were the first two Fox projects. The Practice ran for 8 seasons on ABC. Ally McBeal ran for 5 seasons on Fox.

He created “Boston Public” in 2000, which ran for four seasons. He produced “Boston Legal,” which ran for five seasons in 2004.

In 2008, David departed Fox to join Warner Bros. Television.

He created “Goliath” for Amazon Studios in 2015 and “Big Little Lies” for HBO in 2017.

Personal Life

After being matched up on a blind date, David began dating actress Michelle Pfeiffer in January 1993. Michelle had started legal adoption proceedings before meeting David. Michelle adopted Claudia Rose, a baby child, two months after they started dating. In November 1993, David and Michelle tied the knot. Michelle gave birth to a baby named John Henry in August 1994.

David E Kelley's Net Worth - Everything We Know!

Real Estate

Michelle and David have an enormous global real estate portfolio. They’ve owned a 340-acre seaside estate in British Columbia’s wilderness for at least a decade. They paid almost $35 million for the land and built a huge cabin getaway. The property is so distant it lacks a postal code. Only by boat. They offered it for $28 million in October 2017.

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They paid $20.6 million in 2004 and 2008 for two 8.7-acre properties in Woodside, a San Francisco suburb. The mansion is 6,300 square feet. They listed it for $29 million in 2018 and sold it for $22 million in January 2020.

David E Kelley's Net Worth - Everything We Know!

It cost them $8.15 million in 2016 to buy a property in Pacific Palisades. A total of $15.85 million was spent in September 2018. In January 2020, they sold the first property for $9.1 million to Astros owner Jim Crane. Simultaneously, the second-purchased home was advertised for $8.35 million. A year later, it was $7.3 million.

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