Fie Laursen's Net Worth - Current Relationship Status, And More!

Fie Laursen, a rising star in Denmark, is a singer, model, and social media sensation. Fei Laursen is a popular fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger with a significant audience.

Fie Laursen’s Net Worth

Fie Laursen has a net worth of $3 million and is a Danish blogger, social media star, author, singer, and model. Fie Laursen was born in the Danish town of Hilerod in July 1996. She created a fashion blog before starting a YouTube channel. In 2017, Fie Laursen appeared in episodes of the television show Stjernekigger.

She also starred in the 2016 TV miniseries Completely in the woods and the 2017 special New Year’s Eve with Jannik Rounded. She migrated to Los Angeles, California, after growing up in Denmark. My Honesty, her autobiography, was written by her. Fie Laursen was in a relationship with YouTube personality MrCrainer, and her brother is social media sensation Boris Laursen. She has released tracks such as “Secret,” “Broken Soul,” “Justin,” and “Top 10” as a singer. Her blog receives over 3 million monthly visitors, and she is also well-known on Instagram.

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Early Life

Fie Laursen, who was born on June 3, 1996, is currently 24 years old. Gemini is her astrological sign. Fie, on the other hand, was born and raised in the Danish town of Hillerod in North Zealand. Fie is a white person since he is a devout Christian. Her parents are Eddie and Anette Laursen. Fie’s brothers and sisters are Boris and Simon Laursen, respectively.

Fie has been bullied by her peers since she was a toddler. Because she was bullied at every school she attended, her parents chose to home school her. She was also beset by melancholy and anxiety, leading her to contemplate suicide. Fie, like her mother, was homeschooled and finished her education. She went on to Holte’s design school after that. However, due to her mounting anxiety as a result of the past, she was unable to complete the course.


Fie got her start in the music world as a singer. She was bullied as a child, and as a result, she began writing songs to communicate her feelings. Fie, meanwhile, began a blog to document her experiences with bullying and to raise awareness among youngsters. As a result, she began speaking out against bullying and educating others about depression, anxiety, and bullying. In May 2017, she also launched a Facebook anti-bullying campaign and published her autobiography, “My Honesty.”

Fie, on the other hand, created a YouTube channel and soon rose to prominence as a subject matter expert. Shortly after that, Fei began filming fashion and lifestyle documentaries. Similarly, her celebrity grew with time, and she began to feature in Danish reality television shows. Fie’s YouTube account currently has over 154k subscribers.

Fie Laursen's Net Worth - Current Relationship Status, And More!

Finally, on April 11th, 2014, she released ‘FIE LAURSEN – SECRET (OFFICIAL AUDIO)’. The official music video for her debut single, ‘Secret,’ was this video. She also travelled to Los Angeles since she has always wanted to be a singer. Then, on April 24, 2014, she released an additional song called “BEST FRIENDS FIE LAURSEN & NIKO.”

Fie added music videos first, then vacation vlogs and other relevant content to her YouTube page, like she did in the beginning. Fei now has 698 videos on his YouTube channel, with over 78 million views. Her most popular video is ‘FIE LAURSEN – JUSTIN’ (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO). Since its release on July 29th, 2017, this video has been viewed by over 3.1 million people. Another video of her and her brother Boris pulling a prank has gone viral. “BORIS BRAENDER MINE LOUUBOUTIN!!!” is one of the most popular clips on Youtube right now.

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Is Fie Laursen Dating Anyone?

Her adolescent interest for fashion and blogging led to school bullying. Fiessefie’s moniker led to anorexia and bulimia. When she talked about her depression and bullies on TV, she started with this. Fie became a daring adolescent idol quickly. In May 2016, she uploaded ‘My Honesty,’ which drew harsh criticism. She admitted to making up stories and exaggerating incidents to gain fame and fortune.

Fie Laursen's Net Worth - Current Relationship Status, And More!

Foe also claimed she lied about her trip to Canada. She went to see her ex-parents, girlfriend’s but she lied since Drake invited her. Viewers began to question her image and the impact of celebrity after seeing this video. Eventually, she apologised for her actions.

Fie’s dating status seemed to indicate she was bisexual. She is also dating a Romanian street dog. Her last romance was with a YouTuber named MrCrainer.