Greg Norman's Net Worth 2022

What is Greg Norman’s Net Worth?

Greg Norman is an entrepreneur and professional golfer from Australia with a net worth of $400 million. Greg Norman has been the world’s number one golfer on multiple occasions, holding the distinction for nearly 300 weeks in total. Norman, dubbed the “great white shark,” has nearly 90 tournament victories to his credit.

Norman has developed himself as an exceptionally good businessman, despite being regarded as a sporting legend by the whole golfing community. Norman has found success as an entrepreneur in a variety of areas. Greg Norman is also well-known for his charitable endeavors.

Golf tournament profits brought Greg Norman more than $1 million each year on a consistent basis. He was the top tour earner in professional golf in 1986, 1990, and 1995. Norman was also the first professional golfer in history to earn more than $10 million in his career. With nearly $15 million in career earnings, he has surpassed this record.

Early Life and Career

Gregory John Norman was born in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, on February 10th, 1955. Greg was encouraged to participate in sports from a young age, and his first loves were rugby, cricket, and surfing. Greg grew up loving the ocean and had aspirations of becoming a competitive surfer.

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Greg’s mother, Toini, was the one who taught him how to play golf. Toini was of Finnish descent and was handicapped by a single digit. Greg worked as a caddy for his mother at the Virginia Golf Club in Brisbane when he was 15, and his game improved dramatically in a short amount of time. Norman’s potential to become a professional golfer was obvious by the time he finished from high school.

Norman made his professional debut in 1976. He won his first tournament in the West Lakes Classic in Adelaide the same year. The following year, he made his debut on the European tour, winning the Martini International in Scotland. Norman was destroying the competition at the French Open and other European competitions by 1980.

Norman made his masters debut in 1981, and he did well enough to finish fourth in Augusta. Norman then won the British Masters, and after a string of further victories, he became the European Tour’s leading money winner before joining the PGA Tour in the United States. After hitting an amazing 45-foot putt at the US Open in 1984, Norman was beginning to gain international fame. Norman rose to prominence in 1986 with the “Saturday Slam,” sometimes known as the “Norman Slam.” Norman led all four majors through 54 holes this year. Norman’s excellent play was praised across the golfing world throughout the year.

Norman’s career was plagued by a few setbacks during the next several years, but he rebounded in 1993 with the help of coach Burch Harmon. Before taking a three-year vacation, he continued to win big events for the rest of his career. He became the oldest 54-hole leader in a major competition when he returned in 2008. Norman’s contribution to the golfing world was largely over at this point, as injuries kept him from competing. In addition, Greg Norman was already concentrating on entrepreneurial endeavors at the time.

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Personal Life

Greg Norman's Net Worth 2022

Greg has had three marriages. Laura Andrassy, a former flight attendant, was his first wife. The pair married in 1981 and had two children together during their time together. They eventually divorced in 2007. Norman eventually paid Laura Andrassy a $105 million settlement.

In 2008, he married tennis player Chris Avery, who he met after his divorce. Their marriage lasted just over a year before they divorced in 2009. Norman married his third wife, interior designer Kirsten Kutner, a year later.

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