Judith Berner’s Net Worth is $1.4 million.

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Hannah Berner is a well-known comedian and podcast presenter who, starting in the third season, joined the Summer House main cast. Throughout 2020, she continues to appear on the program. Berner has created an Instagram account that is well-liked and has more than 342 thousand followers. As of 2020, Hannah Berner’s net worth is anticipated to be about $1.4 million. See how wealthy her pals Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula, and Carl Radke are as well.


The University of Wisconsin was Hannah Berner’s place of study. During her collegiate years, she briefly played tennis professionally. Berner also rose to the position of Creative Video Producer at Betches Media.

By starting the podcast Berning in Hell, where she interviews individuals about their fears, Berner expanded the scope of her professional endeavors. Hannah’s fame grew even more after she appeared in the reality series Summer House. Berner is a rich and extremely busy woman who does stand-up comedy at night in the NYC region.


NYC’s Brooklyn is where Hannah was raised. She is Vera DiLeo’s granddaughter, and a well-known figure on social media. Hannah had a brief romance with Dave during the third season of The Summer House. Berner acknowledged that he is no longer her boyfriend, nevertheless, once the season was over.

Luke Gulbranson has Hannah in his sights in the fourth season of the show. Luke said that he connected with her right away. Fans wondered whether there would be more between the two of them after the couple shared a passionate moment by the pool throughout the season.

Luke eventually gave Hannah a deep kiss after pursuing her for a few weeks. The relationship does, however, have an issue because Hannah withdrew when Luke revealed to her that he is still seeing other people. Berner admitted that they are still attracted to one another even though she hasn’t entirely thrown him out of her life.

It appears that only time will tell if they wind up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. As of now in 2020, Berner appears to be unmarried and she is highly discreet about her love life outside of what appears on the reality program.

Over the past several years, HANNAH BERNER’S NET WORTH has increased.

$300,000 in 2017
$850,000 in 2018
$1.2 million in 2019
$1.4 million in 2020


The reality TV program Summer House is where Berner acquired most of her riches. She debuted in the third season of the program. Additionally, Hannah advertises herself on Instagram. Hannah then started her own podcast, Berning in Hell, to boost her earnings even further. She enjoys acting comedic.

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Berner performs stand-up comedy in NYC at night, and one day she hopes to have her own Netflix series. Berner makes an effort to make others laugh every day, even while he is alone. She is a member of the Instagram podcast group giggly squad.

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