Know Heather Sykes' Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

If you’ve seen Whitney Thore’s BFF Heather Sykes on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, you’ll recognize her. Heather joined the cast as a regular in Season 1 and is currently a recurrent character in Season 5. One of the key topics from the current season is her on-again, off-again romance with Buddy Bell. Fans are curious about her because she’s certainly one of Whitney’s closest companions.

Know Heather Sykes' Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!
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Is Buddy Bell dating Heather Sykes?

Buddy and Heather have always been open about their love. Fans were initially perplexed as to why Whitney’s roommate was absent from this season. However, he has recently spoken out about his addiction.

“My well-kept secret has finally been revealed! In this photo, I was one week clean. That seemed impossible at the moment, and I was clearly still floating on that pink cloud “In January of 2018, he said on Instagram. “On Friday, I will have been smoke-free for [seven] months. Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement.” Buddy’s recovery has been aided by Heather’s assistance.

“No matter where this crazy trip called life takes @buddycpfom and me,” she said on Instagram, “I will ALWAYS be enormously thankful for his effect on my life and even more proud of him as the incredible (his favorite term) person that he is.” “I’m pleased with his rehabilitation progress and the courage he’s shown in sharing his story with the world.”

Heather Sykes and Whitney Thore have known one other for a long time.

Heather adores Whitney, and the two have been friends for almost a decade, so they’re practically sisters at this point. She said on Facebook in 2014, “Since the first day of knowing her, she has inspired me with her confidence, positivity, and brightness.” “She’s the kind of person that instantly brightens a room. She’s been through a lot, but now she’s using her challenges to inspire others, and she deserves the opportunity to share her story with the rest of the world!”

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Heather Sykes is a mother, although she doesn’t appear to have any children.

The happy mother isn’t afraid to share photos of her son and daughter on social media. In her Instagram bio, she stated, “I usually IG images of my kids and food… sorrynotsorry.” Her fans don’t seem to mind; in fact, they enjoy it when she shares those particular mother-daughter moments. “You’re a fantastic mother. You can tell by all your photos how much you cherish and love those adorable babies!??, “According to one reviewer, “You have a lovely family there?” someone else commented. We don’t have a problem with it.