James Goldstein's Net Worth?

Jimmy Goldstein is a $350 million real estate entrepreneur and NBA superfan from the United States. He became well-known for wearing outrageous and colorful costumes to many NBA games. He also owns the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles, which has been featured in several movies, television shows, and photo shoots. The house is especially well-known for its appearance in “The Big Lebowski.”

Early Life

James F. Goldstein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 5, 1940. Zahn’s, a department store in Racine, was his father’s business. He went to Stanford University and then UCLA for his MBA.

Jimmy went to work for Rammco Investment Corporation after graduating from UCLA in 1964. In the late 1960s, Ramco made a fortune by purchasing cheap farmland on the outskirts of Los Angeles and converting it into neighborhoods. Jimmy’s mission in Riverside and San Bernardino was to discover acquisition targets.


Goldstein is best known for being a regular fixture at NBA games, where he can be spotted in the best seats in the house sporting outrageous clothes. In a regular season, he visits over 100 games in his home state of California as well as across the country. He is frequently seen on the sidelines, generally dressed outrageously.

Jimmy is said to spend more than $500 thousand dollars a year on sports tickets and travel to games. At both LA Lakers and LA Clippers games, he owns season ticket floor seats.

It was constructed in 1963. Jimmy paid $185,001 for it in 1972. In today’s money, that’s the equivalent of $1 million. Because the previous owners had neglected the property, Goldstein approached Lautner for assistance in restoring it to its former beauty. He acquired surrounding lots over time to establish a four-acre private jungle in the heart of Beverly Hills.

The mansion has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including The Big Lebowski and Charlie’s Angels.

James Goldstein's Net Worth?

On a connected land, the property boasts an “infinity tennis court” with views of the Los Angeles cityscape. A fully functional subterranean nightclub called “Club James” is located directly beneath the tennis court. Many celebrities have visited the club. Rihanna’s 27th birthday celebration was hosted there, with guests including Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others.

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The property would most certainly be valued at more than $100 million if it were ever put on the open market. If you were planning on purchasing the mansion in the future, you’re out of luck because Jimmy will be donating it to the LACMA Museum following his death. So, at the very least, you’ll be able to take a tour!

Mobile Homes

Jimmy was introduced to the lucrative world of mobile home park ownership through this work. Jimmy started his own real estate investment company in the early 1980s and began buying buildings. He is said to possess at least a dozen mobile home parks in both Northern and Southern California, which he uses as his main source of income. For example, in 2007, he paid $23 million for a mobile home park in Carson, California, with $18 million in financing.

James Goldstein's Net Worth?

Jimmy’s managerial style has sparked debate on some of these mobile home sites. Rent restriction is common in mobile home parks, but Jimmy has continually battled to raise rents at his sites. He’s won lawsuits against cities that tried to stop him from raising his rents.

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He has also caused controversy by enforcing an 1893 statute that allows landowners to partition their land into independent communities. Jimmy has been able to force his tenants to either buy their houses from him or move out using this technique, allowing him to hike rents.