Kevin Spacey's Net Worth

What Is Kevin Spacey’s Net Worth?

Kevin Spacey has a net worth of $70 million as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer in the United States. Kevin Spacey is without a doubt one of the most accomplished performers of his time, notwithstanding his current controversy. He has received widespread acclaim and numerous honors for a variety of performances in theater, television, and cinema productions.

Early Life

Kevin Spacey Fowler, Spacey’s true name, was born on July 26th, 1959 in South Orange, New Jersey. His mother, a secretary, and father, a technical writer, reared him along with two siblings. Kevin Spacey’s family moved to California when he was four years old. Kevin Spacey said that he was physically mistreated by his father and that his father was a Nazi sympathizer.

Kevin Spacey attended military school in grades 10 and 11. He transferred to Chatsworth High School in his senior year, when he participated in the school’s theater production of “The Sound of Music.” He began using the stage moniker Spacey after graduating. He also relocated to New York City to pursue his education at the Juilliard School. Kevin Spacey attempted to get into the stand-up comedy scene while he was a student there from 1979 to 1981.

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Kevin Spacey began his acting career in 1981, when he made his professional theatrical debut in ‘Henry VI, Part 1’.

Kevin Spacey's Net Worth - Complete Info!

He rose to fame as a theatrical actor during the next few years and became well-known for his acting abilities. Following his success on stage, he chose to pursue a career in cinema and television.

Spacey played in modest roles in many films in the late 1980s, including ‘Wiseguy’ (1988), ‘L.A. Law’ (1992), and ‘The Usual Suspects.’ In 1999, he made his big screen debut in the film ‘American Beauty.’

His interpretation of the character gained him critical acclaim and made him a Hollywood sensation.

In the new millennium, Spacey continued to have success, starring in films such as ‘The Shipping News’ (2001), ‘The United States of Leland’ (2004), ‘Recount’ (2008), and ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ (2009).

In 2013, he starred as “Frank” in the critically acclaimed drama series “House of Cards.” He starred in the films ‘Elvis & Nixon’ and ‘Nine Lives’ three years later. He began filming the film ‘All the Money in the World’ in 2017.

Personal Life

For many years, Spacey kept his personal life mostly hidden. In a 1998 interview, he explained: “It’s simpler to persuade you that I’m that persona on film if you don’t know anything about me. It permits a moviegoer to enter a theater and believe that I am that person.”

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Anthony Rapp, a fellow actor, claimed in October 2017 that Spacey had acted improperly with him when he was 14 years old. Spacey issued an apology in response to the allegations. He ultimately came out as a gay man in his apology. Because he “came out” in the same statement in which he apologized for making sexual attempts against a kid, this confession was viewed as controversial. Many critics thought his attempts to relate his homosexuality to pedophilia were absurd.

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