A small plastic object called a “Tree T Pee” is put around the base of trees.

This contraption, which resembles a teepee, can collect up to three inches of rainfall in an hour, which is then sent to the tree roots.

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The farmer uses 800 gallons of Tree T Pee to wrap his trees instead of 25,000 gallons of water per tree through irrigation each year.

WHAT IS the value of Tree Tee?

The anticipated value of Tree T Pee’s net worth in 2021 is around $100 Million.

The proprietor of Tree T Pee is now selling the product for $8 per gadget after heeding the advice of Shark John Paul DeJoria.

This is an increase from the previous $4.50 pricing when each sale only generated a $1.55 profit. Additionally, expanding globally has increased the sales margin.


The proprietor of Tree T Pee is Johnny Georges.

However, the original water-saving device, which was formed like a cone and looped around citrus trees’ bases, was invented by Rick, his father. Along with his father, Johnny changed the design.

The end result was a teepee-shaped structure that helped conserve water while also shielding fruit plants from freezing.

Johnny George’s teepee invention is still well-liked because of his debut on Shark Tank.

As they pump less water, farmers are saving a lot of money on their power costs.

A time- and money-saving tool for shielding their trees from frost damage is another fantastic advantage they are witnessing.


On the night that his Tree T Pee presentation was shown on Shark Tank, Johnny George’s pitch was touch and go as he struggled through it.

He was fortunate that Shark John Paul DeJoria intervened and persuaded him to tell his tale. and agreed to his terms.


By the time Johnny George presented his deal on Shark Tank in 2013, he had sold 125.000 units.

After his debut, he sold thousands of copies in one night, and sales have increased ever since. The two companies started a campaign to sell their Tree T Pee product in 80 different nations.

Today, Johnny George and John Paul DeJoria still collaborate to sell Tree T Pee. The item is presently going for $9.95 on the business website.

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Since making its debut on Shark Tank, Tree T Pee has expanded. Farmers may now purchase more goods from it as well.

Johnny George was successful because of his sincere desire to support farmers while protecting the environment.

His teepee design is being used today in sustainable agricultural methods all over the world.

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