Australian actor and comedian Paul Hogan have a $20 million fortune. Hogan is most known for his roles in the sequels to the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee. Hogan’s net worth peaked at over $75 million but regrettably has dropped dramatically in recent years as a result of a contentious divorce and a protracted legal dispute with the Australian Taxation Office, which we go into more detail about below.

On October 8, 1939, Paul Hogan was born in Sydney, Australia. He has occasionally asserted that he was born in the remote Australian outback town of Lightning Ridge in an effort to make himself seem more fascinating. He was born and raised in Sydney, where he later started working as a rigger on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. He has kept a lot of information regarding his career before entering show business confidential.


He made his television debut in Australia in 1971 on the talent program “New Faces,” which aired before the well-known English program of the same name. He had noticed that the judges’ mockery and derision of the candidates was the key to the show’s success rather than the participants’ skills or performances. In light of this, he made the decision to mock them by turning the tables. Hogan, who was allowed onto the program under the guise of a tap-dancing knife thrower, made several jokes about the judges while there

The crowd appreciated his surprise and unique performance, and he was welcomed back to perform again despite the fact that he only performed a little dance and threw the knives to the ground to end it. The host of the Australian news magazine program “A Current Affair,” Mike Willesee, was impressed with his inventive routines and comedic talent. Hogan accepted when Willesee asked him whether he would be interested in performing brief comedy parts on his show. He eventually formed friends with John Cornell, the show’s producer, who went on to serve as both his manager and business partner.

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From 1958 through 1981, Hogan and his first wife Noelene Edwards were wed. After getting divorced again in 1986, they got wedded within a year. According to reports, this second divorce was among the most expensive and messy in Australian history. From 1990 to 2014, Hogan was wed to his Crocodile Dundee co-star Linda Kozlowski.

Real Estate

Paul and Linda spent $3.8 million buying a house in Malibu, California, in July 2012. They sold the house to Chris Hemsworth, another famous Australian, a year later.

Hogan engaged in a protracted legal battle with the Australian Taxation Office. The tax authority asserted that Paul disguised millions of dollars worth of Crocodile Dundee earnings over a 25-year span using offshore tax shelters and California residency. Hogan received a $150 million charge from the tax office at one point, along with significant fines and interest.

After it was discovered that the Australian Crime Commission had improperly obtained personal financial information, Hogan obtained a $5 million judgment against it in 2006. Hogan was unable to leave the nation in 2010 after visiting Australia for his mother’s funeral unless he cleared a $37.5 million tax debt.

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Hogan paid “tens of millions of dollars” in taxes and fines, according to the Australian Commissioner of Taxation’s 2017 announcement that the case had been resolved. Hogan refuted those allegations.

Hogan sued a Swiss bank in April 2013 on the grounds that it had permitted one of the actor’s former financial advisors to flee with more than $32 million. He asked for $80 million in compensation. The financial advisor insisted there was no wrongdoing, but the lawsuit is still pending.

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