Pete Davidson's Net Worth?

Pete Davidson is a funnyman from the United States with an estimated net worth of$ 8 million. Pete Davidson is stylishly and honored for being the youthful member of the cast in the 40th season of “ Saturday Night Live, ” when he was a featured funnyman. He’s also well-known for dating a number of well-known ladies, most especially Ariana Grande.


Davidson makes$ each occasion as a main member of the cast and has been with the program since 2014. Pete would earn roughly$ per time from SNL if he makes at least one performance on each of the 21 occurrences each time. The highest-paid members of the cast earn around$ each time, or$ every occasion.

Early Life

Pete Michael Davidson was born on Staten Island on November 16, 1993. Amy and Scott Matthew Davidson are his parents. Casey, his youngish family, is his only stock.

Pete Davidson's Net Worth?

Pete’s father failed on9/11 when he was seven times old. His father worked as a firefighter in New York City and was last seen running into the Marriott Trade Center moments before it collapsed. Pete’s sadness was veritably distressing, and he latterly expressed it by acting out at the academy. He’d a habit of getting himself into problems. He latterly confessed that he’d suicidal studies and that Kid Cudi’s music had saved his life. Pete graduated from Xaverian High School in 2012 and enrolled in inSt. Francis College, but left after one semester to seek other openings.

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At the age of 16, Davidson performed his first stage-up comedy show at a Staten Island bowling alley. Philosophy, an MTV comedy series, was his first onscreen debut. Following that, he performed on other reality shows before having his first televised burlesque performance on Gotham Comedy Live, a Comedy Central show that limelights up-and-coming jesters.

He went on to make further stand-up appearances and a brief appearance on “ Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before joining the cast of “ Saturday Night Live. ” He was offered the occasion to audition because of his fellowship with Bill Hader, whom he met while rephotographing a small part in the 2015 film “ Trainwreck. ”

Pete Davidson's Net Worth?

On September 27th, 2014, he made his debut on SNL’s 40th season opener. Pete was one of the youngest cast members of all time, and the first cast member born in the 1990s, at the age of 20. His performance in the first season received critical acclaim, and Davidson is frequently lauded for being accessible to audiences and for criticizing delicate and taboo subjects, including those that are perilously near to his own life and emotions, such as the 9/11 events. When the 44th season of Saturday Night Live finished, critics in the Washington Post hailed Davidson as the show’s breakout star and most memorable performer.

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Personal Life

From 2014 to 2015, Pete dated funnyman Carly Aquilino, also from 2016 to 2018, he dated Cazzie David. He especially got engaged to Ariana Grande in the summer of 2018, but the two broke up in the fall of 2019. He was also linked to actress Kate Beckinsale for a short time.

Pete Davidson's Net Worth?

Real Estate

Pete bought his mama an a$1.3 million home in Staten Island, New York, in 2016.

Pete acquired an a$1.2 million overlooking the lake just many blocks from his mama’s house in December 2020.