Peter Nygard's Net Worth - Complete Details!

What Is Peter Nygard’s Net Worth?

Peter Nygard is a fashion executive who was born in Finland and now lives in Canada. He has a net worth of $900 million. He made a lot of money as the founder and chairman of Nygard International, which makes clothes for women and is based in Canada. In 2009, Canadian Business Magazine said that he was worth $750 million. At the time, this made him the 70th richest Canadian in the world. Today, Mr. Nygard’s wealth is estimated to be $900 million.

Peter Nygard was born in Finland, in the city of Helsinki. It’s not clear when he was born. It could have been 1941 or 1943. His baker parents, Eeli and Hikka, moved to Canada when Peter was a child in 1952. In the end, they moved to Winnipeg. Nygard went to the University of North Dakota and got a business degree there in 1964.

Peter Nygard's Net Worth - Complete Details!

One of his first jobs after college was as a sales manager for Jacobs Fashions‘ new line of women’s denim. In 1967, Peter bought a 20% share of the company from its founder Nathan Jacob with his life savings, about $8,000, and a loan. A few years later, Peter bought out Nathan and changed the name of the business to Tan Jay.

Peter Nygard Career

In 1967, he also started his own clothing company, which he called “Nygard.” In the beginning, they made clothes for sports. In 1978, the company grew in the United States.

Today, the company is called “Nygard International,” and its main office is in Times Square in Manhattan. The company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of clothes for women in the world. The company makes more than $500 million in sales every year. Nygard International has 12,000 employees all over the world, and in North America, it runs 200 stores. Its goods are sold at places like Dillard’s, Walmart, Costco, and more.

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Peter Nygard's Net Worth - Complete Details!

Peter is a big fan of research into breast cancer, and he has given a lot of money to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. He has also helped the Bahamas team from the Amateur Boxing Federation win medals at the Olympics. He has about 10 children with eight different women.

Peter Nygard Controversy

In February 2020, 10 women sued Peter in a civil class-action lawsuit, saying that he raped them at his oceanfront mansion in the Bahamas. He has been accused of running an s** trafficking ring and getting women under the age of 16 to work for him through people he knew (the legal age of consent in the Bahamas). Nygard has strongly denied the accusations, saying that they are the result of a smear campaign paid for and run by Louis Bacon, a hedge fund billionaire who lives next door to him in the Bahamas and with whom he has been fighting for decades.

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Peter Nygard's Net Worth - Complete Details!

He would fly women from all over the world to his parties, which were very fancy. According to an investigation by the New York Times, he travels with a group of women who call themselves his “paid girlfriends.” The same investigation found that Nygard’s staff kept a list of more than 700 women who could be invited to parties at any time. The Times also said that Peter calls women’s bottoms “toilets” and that he was caught on tape saying, “Do you see those toilets?” while looking at a group of women he hadn’t had intimate relations with yet.

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