Robert Irwin, the 18-year-old son of the late Crocodile Hunter actor Steve Irwin, has caused controversy at the family’s Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland. This is why you may see people requesting that Robert Irwin be “cancelled” on social media.

As Robert and Terri Irwin, Steve’s widow, promoted the zoo’s reopening and the fourth season of their docuseries Crikey! last month, they made an appearance on the Australian morning programme Today. It’s the Irwins; they uploaded a video of Robert having a close encounter with one of the crocodiles in the zoo, Casper.

Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert, Sparks Controversy - EXPLAINED!

In the video, Robert almost ends up as crocodile food as Casper rushes at him. The adolescent doesn’t, however, appear to have any animosity toward the reptile. On Today, he stated, “It was absolutely a lot of fun. “Casper is one of the zoo’s most vicious crocodiles,” says the keeper. He is simply explosive in every way.

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However, viewers don’t believe Robert’s interactions with the reptiles are quite that “dynamite”

Robert described his interaction with Casper as “wonderful fun” but “too near.”

Robert described his terrifying encounter with Casper on Today, claiming that when Robert was feeding the crocodile, the animal “[put] on a tremendous strike.” The adolescent described what happened as follows: “I toss the food, he stares straight through the food and just right at my head and just begins rushing.” He puts up a great pursuit, and I just say, “No, bail.” There can be no ego at all. Knowing when to call it, when it’s too near, and when it was too close, is essential. But yes, enjoyable. It was enjoyable.

Terri, on the other hand, expressed her “very pride” in her son for continuing Steve’s crocodile research at the zoo. There are certain days when you have to cut it more finely than others, but I know Robert has practised with crocodiles, she remarked.

Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert, Sparks Controversy - EXPLAINED!

Terri said that it’s possible that the crocodiles at the zoo mistake Robert for Steve. She informed her son, laughing, “Because I witnessed the crocs that used to strive so relentlessly to kill your dad, and now they’re hunting you in the same way.

People assert that the crocodile displays “torment” the reptiles and constitutes “animal cruelty for entertainment.”

According to the Daily Mail, since the Casper incident, Robert and the Australia Zoo have come in for harsh criticism on social media, with viewers criticising the zoo’s crocodile displays.

According to the newspaper, one commenter stated: “Zoos should never exist, wild creatures shouldn’t be held prisoner for the enjoyment of people.”

Leave the animals alone, another user said.

A third individual said, “When will they learn? It is said this. Was it worth it for a show?

Even more scathing criticism came from other users. One guy said, “Animal cruelty for entertainment.” Someone else chimed in, “Stop torturing wild creatures.”

Steve Irwin’s Son, Robert, Sparks Controversy - EXPLAINED!

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Other remarks regarding Robert are summarised in 22 Words. According to one user, “much like his dad, teasing and harassing animals for enjoyment.”

Another person said, “He shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

A third person said, “That’s how the family profits from animal abuse,”

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