Tony Jacklin's Net Worth?

Tony Jacklin is a professional golfer from England who is worth $10 million. Tony Jacklin was born in 1944 in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, and began his professional golf career in the early 1960s. In 1969, he won his first major tournament at The Open, becoming the first Englishman to accomplish so in two decades.


In 1973, Jacklin won the Los Lagartos Open on the Caribbean Tour with a score of 261. He won by 13 shots over Gene Borek, the runner-up. It was a professional’s third-lowest score in a four-round event held outside of the United States.

Tony Jacklin's Net Worth?

From 1983 to 1989, Jacklin was the non-playing captain of Europe in four successive Ryder Cups. He led his team to their first victory in 28 years in 1985, and their first triumph in the United States in 1987, with a 2.5–1.5 win-loss record.

In 2002, Jacklin was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. At the age of sixty, he withdrew from tournament golf after winning a number of senior competitions. Since retiring from competitive golf, Jacklin has built a company designing golf courses. He designed a number of courses, notably The St. Pierre Park Hotel’s 9-hole par-3 course in Guernsey.

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Personal life

Tony Jacklin's Net Worth?

Vivien, Jacklin’s first wife, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 1966, eleven months after their first meeting in a Belfast hotel, the couple married. Bradley, Warren, and Tina were their three children. In April 1988, at the age of 44, Vivien Jacklin died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage. “You can’t fathom the sorrow of losing a spouse until it happens to you,” Jacklin stated in a 2002 interview. After my first wife died, I lost my will to live. I considered doing something heinous to myself. I eventually got back on my feet.”

At a golf tournament in England six weeks after his first wife’s death, Jacklin met Donna Methven, a 16-year-old waitress. “I was at my weakest moment and Donna was a shoulder to weep on,” Jacklin later stated. They had a two-month relationship that made front-page news in British tabloids.

In December 1988, Jacklin married Astrid Waagen, a Norwegian woman, for the second time. Sean, one of their sons, is a professional golfer. From Waagen’s previous marriage to famous Bee Gees guitarist Alan Kendall, Jacklin is also stepfather to her two children, Anna May and A.J.

Tony Jacklin's Net Worth?

In 1971, Jacklin claimed he got murder threats over the phone, along with threats to bomb his wife’s primary residence in Belfast. The caller claimed that if Jacklin participated in the Ulster Open, he would be shot because his wife’s family backed Ian Paisley. Jacklin pulled out of the competition.

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In a 1989 interview, Jacklin stated that he and his mother were scarcely on speaking terms. “I have to like people in order to get along with them. My mother and I have a strained relationship. I am not convinced that family is thicker than water. She’s tried to control my life for far too long “According to Jacklin.

Jacklin has been deaf since the 1980s and wears a hearing aid on both sides of his head. He supports the English Deaf Golf Society as a patron.