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What Is Craig Conover’s Net Worth? Details Inside

What Is Craig Conover's Net Worth? Details Inside

Craig Conover is a well-known American who is from Fenwick Island, Delaware. He is known for his work in business, law, television, reality shows, social media influence, and entrepreneurship.

Craig is well-known because he is on the cast of the popular reality TV show Southern Charm. His first time on the program was in 2014.

Conover has also been in a number of TV shows, such as The Domenick Nati Show, Summer House, and Winter House. According to his LinkedIn profile, Craig is an attorney who owns and runs the Conover Law Firm.

Craig is a successful businessman who started a company that makes pillows called Sewing Down South. Craig became famous in December 2021 when Conver’s co-star on Summer House, Paige DeSorbo, posted on Instagram that they were related. Here is everything we know about the star of Southern Charm, including how old he is, how much money he has, and other facts.

Know About Craig Conover’s Net Worth

Craig makes a lot of money and is estimated to be worth $400,000 right now. Reports say that each Southern Charm cast member gets a flat payment of $25,000. The seasons of the Bravo reality show usually have 13 to 16 episodes, which adds up to more than $300,000 a year.

Craig also runs a very successful store for home goods out of King Street, which is where many of the Southern Charm episodes are shot. Even though the cast members were worried, Sewing Down South started in 2019. He quickly showed that they were wrong.

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Since the beginning of the lifestyle brand, Sewing Down South has had products on HSN and HomeGoods. Craig’s business has everything you need, from kitchen tools to throw pillows.

Craig Conover Biography

Sources say that Craig was born on Thursday, February 9, 1989. He was born and raised in Fenwick Island, Delaware, which is also where he was born. Craig is part of the business clan. He turns 33 this year (as of 2023).

Craig’s LinkedIn profile says that he got his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from the College of Charleston in 2010. After that, he went to the Charleston School of Law.

Craig went to this university and got his Juris Doctor J.D. After that, he worked as an intern for Berkeley County Public Defender. He’s now a famous lawyer and TV personality.

Craig Conover is known in both the business and entertainment worlds. When Conover was a student at the Charleston School of Law, he started his career as a lawyer. He was born in Fenwick Island, Delaware, and grew up there. But in the end, his love of design and making things drove him to become an entrepreneur.

Craig Conover’s Career

In 2014, Conover got his big break when he was picked to be on the popular Bravo show “Southern Charm.” On the show, he was known for his artistic skills, such as his love of sewing and making pillows. After doing well on the show, he started his own business, Sewing Down South, which sells high-end pillows, bedding, and home goods.

Conover has built up a big following on Instagram as a social media influencer, where he posts updates about both his business and personal life. He has also written a book called “Pillow Talk: The Dos and Don’ts of Pillow Talk.” In it, he talks about how to design a house that is both comfortable and stylish.

Even though Conover has been successful as an entrepreneur, he has kept studying law. He uses his legal knowledge in his business, and he has also taken a job as a legal commentator at a local news station.

People have said that Craig Conover’s career has been unusual, but there is no doubt that it has been bright and colorful. He has used his interests and skills to build a unique and successful business empire while always looking for new ways to grow personally and professionally.

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Personal Life

Craig Conover is a popular reality TV star, and his relationships with women have kept his fans interested. Recent reports say that as of December 2021, he is dating his co-star on the show “Summer House,” Paige DeSorbo. Paige showed that they were dating by posting a picture of herself and Craig on social media.

Craig had been linked to two other TV stars before he started dating Paige. In 2016, he started dating Naomie Olindo, but after a year together, they broke up in 2017. After that, he dated Natalie Hegnauer, who was a big deal on social media, but they broke up after three months.

Craig has moved on from his past relationships and found happiness with Paige. Fans are excited to see how their relationship develops and if it will lead to something more serious.

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