What is Kane Trujillo’s Net Worth? Know about his Career, Childhood, and More!

What is Kane Trujillo's Net Worth? Know about his Career, Childhood, and More!

Kane Trujillo, also known by his stage name Neumane, is a well-known actor, model, TikTok star, entrepreneur, social media celebrity, YouTuber, and media personality from South Carolina. His humorous text-in-videos on his official TikTok account helped him become well-known around the nation.

Actor Kane Trujillo has a lot of experience. Breaking the Silence, Phillipa, and The Word are just a handful of the short films he has been in. His acting prowess has won him a devoted following. Although he also has a YouTube account with the same name, he only uploads brief videos to it.

What is Kane Trujillo's Net Worth? Know about his Career, Childhood, and More!

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Basketball is Neumane’s passion. He joined his high school’s basketball squad. Together with his teams, Kane has taken part in and won a number of contests. He gave up basketball to pursue a career as an actor and TikToker.

After graduating from high school, Kane started creating Tiktok videos. He published a range of stuff on his official TikTok account, but his text-in-video content was particularly effective in boosting his fame. His method of thinking and his capacity to channel his ideas into entertaining films won him admiration from the public.

As of July 2021, Kane’s channel, which he called “Neumane,” has 3 million subscribers and 122.6 million likes. He also created a humorous film on the “Intentions” song by Justin Bieber’s recording process, which has received the most views.

Because he takes stuff from other authors and doesn’t give them credit, he is despised by the public. As a result, many people lost interest in him and began to despise him. He is also referred to as the TikTok celebrity who has received the most negative feedback.

Kane has primarily been seen in short films, according to his IMDB biography. He made his screen debut in 2020’s “Breaking the Silence,” which was directed by Seayoon Jeong. Along with Jennifer Dong, Yiqing Zhao, Grace Chim, and Grace Shen, he claimed to be a wounded soldier. In the same year, he was in Maggie Smith’s movie “ZeroNet.”

In 2020, Al-Jalil Williams’ film “The Word” will be released. In the 2021 short film “Phillipa,” he played Valentino. Savannah Braswell is in charge of the steering. Nina Gonzalez, Todd Stigliano, and Marianne Labriola are also featured in the movie.

As of July 20, 2021, Neumane had 13.3k followers and 106.6k views on his YouTube channel, which he launched on January 13, 2014. His first video, titled “Why I’m Quitting Social Media,” which he released on April 19, 2021, has accumulated 55k views and 402 likes as of July 2021. His video garnered 4.9k dislikes because his fans believed he had plagiarised it.

He has several videos online, particularly on TikTok. Take a joke #shorts #viral was the headline of the most recent YouTube video he posted on June 22, 2021. It received 80 likes and 6009 watchers as of the writing of this sentence. He hasn’t shared any original content on his social media platforms, which has angered many of his fans.

What is Kane Trujillo’s Net Worth?

Kane Trujillo makes a comfortable living off of his work. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle that includes all the comforts. He constantly invests in posh, costly attire. He also drove a Chevrolet automobile. Kane aspires to drive a Mercedes or other expensive car.

His TikTok and YouTube videos bring in between $20 and $30k USD (roughly). His films and sponsorships are also compensated for. The estimated range of $2 million to $3 million USD in Kane Trujillo’s net worth.


Trujillo was born on January 26, 2000, in Greenville, South Carolina. His alias is Neumane. He presently resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, according to reports.


In none of his social media profiles has Kane mentioned his parents? He routinely posts images with his father because they have a great bond. Regarding Kane’s mother, not much is known. His dad has always been proud of him and was present at his graduation.

His older brother’s name is Kody Trujillo. Kody is another well-known athlete. Trujillo, who is white in color and identifies as Christian,


At a nearby South Carolina school, he completed his elementary education. He subsequently enrolled in South Carolina High School. 2018 saw Kane receive his high school diploma. He adores athletics and has taken part in several extracurricular pursuits.

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What is Kane Trujillo’s current romantic situation?

Talented, youthful, and well-known TikTok performer Kane Trujillo. We learned that he is dating Katie Belle by looking at his social media profile. A well-known influencer and social media figure are Katie Belle.

The musician and model Belle has a huge Instagram following. Since three to four years ago, Kane and Katie have been dating. They look wonderful together and like they were intended for each other.