What is Kazuo Hirai's Net Worth? Know his Career, Personal Life, and More!

Kazuo Hirai Net Worth – $40 Million

Kazuo Hirai’s Salary – $5 Million

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Kazuo Hirai is a Japanese businessman with a net worth of $40 million. In the month of December 1960, Kazuo Hirai was born in Tokyo, Japan. Hirai is primarily known for leading Sony Corporation as President and CEO. He’s also on the Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. board of directors.

Kazuo is the son of a successful banker who visited New York and California with his father. In 1984, he received his bachelor’s degree from International Christian University and was employed by CBS/Sony Inc. to work in international music marketing in Japan. Hirai was promoted to the position of General Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s New York branch. In 1995, he joined Sony Computer Entertainment America, where he handled the PlayStation 2’s rollout. Hirai was appointed Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment as well as Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation in 2011.

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Hirai was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony in April 2012. His yearly compensation was increased in 2016 from $2 million to $4.9 million. That’s before stock options and other types of bonuses.