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Technology had come to stay in this 21st century, and not only that it is continually changing how we do things in our present dispensation. The presence of technology can be found in all spheres of life. From the manufacturing sector to the corporate world. Businesses are not also left behind, and the same goes with education.

Technology has tremendously revolutionized our educational sector, making teaching and learning more effective and efficient, both for teachers and student. With technology students are now being exposed to new things and phenomenon which wouldn’t have been possible if technology was non-existent. These new things and phenomenon are making learning exciting for the students.

New things like virtual aid has improved learning on a whole new level. Power Point presentation changed classroom teaching, learning in a positive way, helping students to better understand what the teacher is saying. These days’ student uses their notepads and iPad to write, making the use of pen and paper for writing obsolete.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic that crippled the world economy and brought the world to a standstill by making everybody stay back indoor, really brought out the importance of technology in our educational system. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic schools were shut down and students were sent back home, to curtail the spread of the virus.

Technology made it possible for teaching and learning to still continue even when both the students and teachers were at home. With the introduction of Zoom app, it became easy to organize learning on a large scale. It was as if the students were back to class, because Zoom app made it possible to both the students and teachers to have a video interface right from their various homes.

So technology has tremendously improved studying. Now with the presence of Google search engines, you can easily access any information you need from the comfort of your homes and this aids studying because it makes it possible for you to have all the necessary materials you need in your study. 

Previously, people lost valuable documents and information simply because they were written on a paper but with the advent of technological gadgets such as the flash drive and hard disk, it is now possible to have valuable documents such as thesis, research papers, and other valuable written information changed into a word format and saved in flash drives and hard disk. What this means is that this valuable information can easily be retrieved at any point in time, especially when it is needed for study.

Technology can also be in the form of applications, so we will be discussing a few apps that will definitely help your study time. They include the following: 

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