The 10 Easiest College Majors to Study

When we think about what university degree to study, one of the factors to consider when choosing a degree is its difficulty. Some students overestimate their abilities and end up buying a research paper or dissertation.

And if you can get an education that you’re passionate about, and besides, you don’t have to give up your life to study, all the better, right? To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a ranking of the easiest university degrees available today.

Do you want to know which university degrees are easiest to get? Read on to find out the ranking of the 10 easiest degrees.

Ranking the 10 easiest university degrees

To determine which degrees are the easiest, we took into account objective data such as dropout rates, percentages of students who complete their degrees, grade point averages, as well as research conducted nationally by foundations such as U-Ranking.

Finally, we also took into account students’ opinions about the difficulty of each university degree, taken from various surveys conducted in recent years.

1. Pre-school Education

The pre-school education degree is considered one of the easiest degrees to get. It can be said that the demand level for this degree is relatively low, passing grades are very high, and it has a low dropout rate.

The high graduation rate is large since it is a very practical course where coursework plays a major role in grades. In addition, the content is not overly complex, making this degree very accessible to most people.

2. Primary Education

We could argue that opinions about this university degree are very similar to the previous one. This degree is not particularly difficult. There is not a lot of purely theoretical material that needs to be memorized, and the practical part is not overly complicated.

The entry score for this degree is usually not particularly high. It also has a very low dropout rate, and most students who choose to enroll in it usually graduate with no problems.

3. Fine Arts

Getting this degree will deepen your global knowledge of art, so if you’re passionate about anything related to art, this is a good choice. There has always been a perception that access to the job market for fine art graduates is pretty limited, but these professionals are becoming increasingly important in various fields such as digital design, video game design, etc. So if you’re passionate about this world, feel free to take it on.

As for the difficulty of a university degree in fine arts, we can say that it belongs to the group of easy degrees. The percentage of students passing their subjects is very high, approaching 90% in most of them. However, it should be remembered that this degree is entirely professional, and you need to have certain artistic qualities to get good results.

4. Physical Activity and Sports Science

This degree also has a high pass rate, as well as a high number of applicants. It also has a high load in the practical part of the subjects, in addition, it is a fairly common degree in double degrees, such as Physical Activity and Sports Science + Physiotherapy, Physical Activity and Sports Science + Primary Education or Physical Activity and Sports Science + Dietetics and Nutrition.

5. Tourism

The Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism is a degree that can be classified as a simple one. The subjects taught in this degree are very diverse (economics, accounting, statistics…), but most of them are at an introductory level. One of the most important areas in this degree is languages, so if you have a good understanding of them, this degree may be right for you.

6. Advertising and Public Relations

A Bachelor’s Degree in advertising is considered an easy degree in which you can study a variety of subjects related to communication and human behavior, and in which practical content is a priority. Keep in mind, however, that you need to develop your strategic and creative skills throughout your studies to become a good publicist.

7. Protocol and Event Management

A degree in the protocol can be said to be a relatively new degree, although knowledge and mastery of the codes governing protocol, whether in institutional or business settings, is increasingly important in our society. It is also considered an easy degree because the content studied is quite varied and simple, and the practical section is important.

Currently, this degree has many professional opportunities, thanks in part to the current boom in event management of all kinds (institutional, film, sports, music, and large business corporations).

8. Sociology

Undoubtedly, understanding how people behave individually and, above all, how they behave in the society in which they live is something more than one of us would like to do. Well, a degree in sociology gives you the tools to do just that.

In a sociology course, you’ll study subjects related to different areas, such as socialization processes, social policy evaluation, social integration, human resource management, etc.

Is it easy to get a degree in sociology? We could say yes because according to students, the course content is easy to understand. After all, it is closely related to the environment we live in every day. In addition, according to statistics, a degree in sociology has a high passing grade.

9. Psychology

A degree in psychology is probably the easiest of those in the health care industry. So if you have a calling to help others and have always been interested in learning what is behind people’s behavior, this may be the career you are looking for.

With this degree, you can develop your professional career in a variety of fields: health care, education, social services, human resources, etc. You can also work in either the public or private sector, or even in NGOs… Whichever sector you want to work in, there’s sure to be an opening for a psychology graduate like you.

10. Criminology

A degree in criminology includes interdisciplinary studies related to law, psychology and psychiatry, sociology, statistics, etc. As you can see, this is a degree in which you study subjects related to various fields and specializations, and in many cases, it doesn’t go too deep.

As a criminologist, you can choose to work in the public sector, in state security forces and agencies, in prisons, etc. You can also work in the private sector, as a detective, private security guard, or investigative journalist.


As you can see, when we talk about easy professions, we don’t do it to belittle these professions, far from it. The truth is that there are professions that require more dedication than others, but that doesn’t mean they are less important or less exciting.

In the list of degrees, we’ve classified as easy, you can see that there are university degrees that can be a springboard to a profession that will satisfy you and make you happy. Sometimes we think more about getting a very challenging degree just to have social status, without thinking about what our vocation is and what we really care about.