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With a bunch of music streaming services available in the market, users are right now spoilt for choices. However, it’s safe to say that Spotify is more or less leading the game with Apple music following it t the second spot. While Spotify currently boasts 75 million paid subscribers, Apple Music has around 40 million of them. Now, another company is rapidly catching up and making the race more difficult for the other competitors than before and that music streaming service provider is none other than Pandora.


According to the company recent statistics, which Pandora revealed in its recent earnings report, they currently have a user base of 5.63 million paid subscribers. While you may think the number is like a drop in the water compared to that of Spotify and Apple Music, it is actually good for the firm, as it’s a 19% increase in the number of in paid subscribers of Pandora from last year.

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Also, you should note that the number 5.63 million only represents the paid subscribers of Pandora’s services, i.e. Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus. It means that the total subscriber number would be even higher if we add in the non-paid subscribers.

However, despite having more paid subscribers than last year, the company earnings report suggests that the firm is still incurring loss. Pandora has reported a total loss of $131.7 million; although it’s an improvement compared to last year’s $132.3 million net loss.

Currently, Pandora only operates in the United States. While they previously had operations in New Zealand and Australia, they closed them down in 2017.


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