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When you think about a gaming mouse, Razer is probably the company, whose name comes to your mind first. The gaming hardware manufacturing company has designed a wide range of these devices for various kinds of games and prices. Now the firm has unveiled another gaming mouse, which carries a reasonable price tag, named Abyssus Essential gaming mouse.

First, you should note that this mouse is not a new one. Razer had launched the Abyssus Essential gaming mouse in China and had named it the Razer Jugan. Now they have decided to launch it worldwide. In the process of its rebranding, the tech major has also given the mouse a new name.

According to Razer, the Abyssus Essential is the successor to the Razer Abyssus V2 gaming mouse. As far as its features are concerned, the mouse comes equipped with Razer’s Chroma that adds underglow lighting to it. Also, that means the mouse will work perfectly in sync with the Chroma system, which reacts to a game’s different events.

gaming mouse

The Abyssus Essential costs only $50. So, even a gamer on a budget limitation will not have to worry too much while purchasing this new device.

The mouse also boasts a 7,200 DPI optical sensor. It also features an ambidextrous form factor. This allows the right- as well as the left-handed gamers use the mouse without any difficulty.


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