To add a little extra sparkle to your pictures, here’s how to obtain more Snapchat filters, lenses, and stickers.

Snapchat is a great method to show off your personality. However, after a few hundred Snaps, it can become dull. Fortunately, employing filters, lenses, and stickers can help you make your Snapchats more entertaining.

Although there are distinctions between the three, they are frequently used interchangeably. So, to add a little additional sparkle to your Snaps here’s how to add more Snapchat filters, lenses, and stickers.

Snapchat Lenses: How To Use Them

Lenses, filters, and stickers are all different: the latter two are placed after a Snap is made, whereas lenses are inserted before the Snap is taken.

These are usually placed on top of a person’s face. Go to Snapchat‘s primary camera interface and tap the screen. At the bottom of your screen, options will display on either side of the shutter button. Snapchat games are on the left, while the majority of the service’s lenses are on the right. Have a good time scrolling through these.

Snap the Snap as usual after you’re happy with how a lens looks—by touching the shutter button once to record a photo or holding it down to take a video.

How to Add More Snapchat Filters, Lenses, and Stickers

How To Find New Snapchat Lenses

You’ll notice a black bar at the bottom of your screen while gazing through glasses. It defaults to Browse, but touching on Explore will take you to even more lenses produced by users all over the world.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can search for lenses from here. This could be a well-known franchise, such as The Simpsons or Friends, or something more general, such as “cartoon.” This section is where you can find lenses that you’ve seen others use.

Alternatively, you can use the slider behind the Search box to explore all of the available filters. Trending, Face (showing the best lenses for selfies), and World are some of the options available.

You may have even more fun with filters after you’ve applied a lens…

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Snapchat Filters: How To Use Them

Filters are overlays that can be applied to a Snap after it has been captured but before it has been sent. You most likely already know how to use Snapchat filters, but if you don’t, it’s a simple process.

Simply go to the main menu, snap a Snap, then swipe left or right to add filters.

You’ll probably want to start by changing the color of your entire Snap, so swipe left. Swipe left and right until you discover a color you like.

Click on the bottom symbol on the right, which looks like a series of stacked boxes, if you wish to add other filters to this basic one. That layer will be locked as a result of this.

After that, swipe right to add more intriguing components such as animations, dates, and times. You may lock that layer and add additional by tapping the stacked boxes icon again. This can only be done three times, so pick wisely. You can undo the filters you’ve already applied by tapping the tiles button again.

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How to Add More Snapchat Filters, Lenses, and Stickers

Snapchat Stickers: How To Use Them

Icons display on the right of your screen after you’ve taken your Snap. Select the one that resembles the peeling back of a sticky note. Stickers are another type of customization. They work in the same way as filters in that they add graphics to a photo or video.

The top of the menu will automatically display a selection of GIFs and timely images. With a swipe, you’ll see emojis, your Bitmoji, and a cropping tool, among other things. You can use the latter to cut apart a portion of a photo from your Camera Roll and place it into your Snap.

By clicking “Save” on the smaller pop-up, you can upload more designs from artists. These are added to a new tab on your Stickers’ far right.

Add any elements you desire, then squeeze them with your thumb and index finger to change their size.

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