How to Check Your TikTok View History - Details Inside

What are the similarities between LinkedIn and TikTok? You can now see who has viewed your profile in the last 30 days in some circumstances (LinkedIn is also working on a TikTok-style video feed, but… we don’t need to dive into that right now).

Social media platforms take a variety of approaches when it comes to the insights you can see inside your own account. Some allow consumers to see a lot of information, while others limit what they can see. TikTok has debuted a new feature aimed at providing consumers with a little more context. In the last 30 days, you may now see who has viewed your profile.

Many users are seeing TikTok view histories, but it’s unclear whether this is an official deployment or if the service is still being tested. That means that not everyone has access to it yet, but if you do, it’s rather simple to discover who has recently viewed your profile.

When browsing your own profile, you’ll notice an eye-shaped icon in the top right corner if you have the functionality enabled. You can check who has viewed your profile by clicking on the symbol.

Only you can see who has looked at your profile, but if you enable the option, you’re also giving others permission to see when you’ve looked at theirs.

Only users aged 16 and over will be able to use the feature, according to TikTok’s help website, and you’ll only be able to use it if you have fewer than 5,000 followers. This is because the functionality would be useless for anyone with a huge number of followers.

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How to turn the feature on or off?

This isn’t a function that TikTok has enabled automatically. Instead, if you wish to use the function, you must opt in and deliberately turn it on. You can also switch it on and off whenever you want.

You may turn off the feature by selecting the settings wheel in the upper right corner while you’re on the page where you can see who has viewed your profile.

When you click the settings gear, a toggle will appear, allowing you to toggle the feature on or off. You can also disable the feature by going to settings and selecting Privacy > Privacy > Profile views > Profile view history from the three-line menu.

How to Check Your TikTok View History - Details Inside

This new profile view option was first discovered in TikTok’s code in January, and it appears that more individuals will be able to access it soon.

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Profile views are the most recent addition to TikTok’s platform, which aims to provide its users with new ways to explore the network. TikTok has risen to prominence in recent years as the first big social media competitor to dominate in the United States despite its origins in another country.

Continuous innovation is a big part of that kind of success. Profile views may not appear to be a game-changing development, but they are part of a larger effort to keep TikTok’s legion of users coming back for more.

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