Instagram - Reels Now Have Enhanced Tags! All You Need To Know!

Enhanced Tags on Reels is a new feature on Instagram that makes it easier for producers to get recognition for their work. Enhanced Tags were first introduced in March for the Home Feed, but the feature is now available for Reels as well.

“A proper creative credit and recognition is a starting point for new opportunities, economic empowerment, and discovery.” “This is especially important as more creators collaborate with one another,” Instagram said when the feature was first announced.

“Until now, the Instagram community has banded together to promote creators and has discovered alternate ways to thank one another, such as tagging one another in descriptions and photographs, so we’re bringing this feature to our product,” says the company.

Instagram users can now assign a self-defined profile category to their professional profiles, which will be displayed in their People Tag, thanks to upgraded tags. This allows others to see a user’s or creator’s individual contribution to a photo or video post in which they have been tagged.

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently announced enhanced tags, as well as two other updates to Instagram, including product tags and changes to how the Reels’ ranking algorithm works, on Twitter.

What are Enhanced Tags?

“Enhanced tags allow others to share and examine a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post by displaying their self-designated profile category on their professional accounts in their People Tag,” Instagram noted in a post.

“We’re also delighted to add enhanced tagging to Reels, as Reels continues to be the top contributor to Instagram engagement growth. Simply said, if you’re a makeup artist, musician, or other big contributor to a post, your work will be more prominent in the post or Reel “it went on to say.

How to use Instagram Reels' enhanced tags?

Users previously developed various ways to give credit to one another, such as tagging one another in captions and photographs.

Furthermore, Instagram is said to be testing a new tool called Templates for Reels, which allows producers to create reels by borrowing formats from existing videos on the network. The user can easily borrow the format of another reel and replace the movies with their own content using this capability.

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How to use Instagram Reels’ enhanced tags?

Steps are:

  • Tap the (+) in the top right corner of the Instagram app.
  • Tap Next after creating a new Post.
  • Make any necessary creative changes before moving on to the next step.
  • After you’ve finished creating your caption, tap Tag People.
  • Click Add Tag, then search for and choose your contributors.
  • To see the creator category, tap Show Profile Category.
  • Press the Done button.
  • When you’ve finished adding all of your tags and details, press Share.

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