Despite the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 14 is improbable to be the first Apple Pencil iPhone

For the first time since the Galaxy Note series sailed away into the sunset, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has brought a stylus to a flagship phone. Could Apple, on the other hand, carry the flame and include a stylus in the iPhone 14?

We could create an article explaining how this would make it the best iPhone ever, or collect a balanced debate about whether or not this is possible, but we don’t want to waste your time.

It will not take place.

History of iPhone stylus rumors

We’ve been hearing about iPhones getting the Apple Pencil since the beginning of time. We heard rumors in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, and we’ll almost certainly hear them again in 2022.

These weren’t just broad “iPhones could have a stylus” speculations; they were specific about the iPhone 11 in particular, and we’ve heard it a few times about the iPhone Flip as well.

Despite the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 14 is improbable to be the first Apple Pencil iPhone

And do you have any idea how many iPhones we saw at that time that were compatible with the Apple Pencil? There is no such thing as a zero. So, unlike its predecessors, there’s no reason to believe the iPhone 14 will include a stylus.

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We hear a lot of crazy rumors about iPhones, but they seldom come true.

That’s because Apple tries to only include features that are valuable to the general public – MagSafe, as well as 5G and 120Hz screens, are three upgrades we’ve seen in recent iPhones. However, the document appears to have gone unnoticed by the leakers.

Sure, styli are useful to a narrow group of users, but that isn’t enough to bring them into the iPhone fold.

Because the annual iPhone family only has four members, if one or two of them utilize a stylus, that’s a quarter or half of the range boasting a feature that few people will use.

Samsung, on the other hand, has a plethora of phones in various price ranges: the Galaxy S, A, J, Z, and M lines, each of which includes a plethora of devices. If you don’t want a stylus on your Samsung phone, you have a lot of options.

Will an iPhone with a stylus ever be released?

Never say never: it’s possible that user habits could shift in favor of styli, or that more programs will be developed to support them.

But it’ll take time – Apple doesn’t reinvent its products; instead, it refines them, and moving from the current blocky form to one with room for a stylus will take a few years.

It’s also worth noting that, unless Apple has another storage option in mind, Apple will have to create a stylus small enough to fit inside an iPhone.

Despite the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 14 is improbable to be the first Apple Pencil iPhone

We could see the tablet Apple Pencil becoming compatible with the phone before then, allowing for multi-device capabilities that could be useful for some types of creatives and artists. However, it’s not something we expect to happen very soon.

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The iPhone 14 rumors have already hinted at enough improvements that we’re not expecting any more: the lack of a notch, an increase in camera quality, and the replacement of the mini with an iPhone 14 Max are the only things we’re anticipating right now.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a popular stylus phone and Motorola is increasingly pushing into this market niche, we don’t think this functionality will catch on enough for Apple to follow suit.

By Stephanie Scott

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