music streaming service
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Rumors have it that video sharing platform YouTube is working on the development of a new music streaming service. However, it is not as to when the firm is planning to launch it. Now, according to a new report, it appears that maybe we are one step closer to the launch of this new music streaming service.

music streaming service

Android Police reported the news depending on the APK teardown of the Android YouTube app. It reveals a new logo along with the YouTube logo and that is called “Premium.” Most probably, the new logo represents the upcoming music streaming service. Previously the service was rumored to be named YouTube Remix. However, the earlier reports had added that Remix was just a name that the internal employees used and not the final name for the service that would be introduced.

music streaming service
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As you know YouTube already has a subscription service, namely YouTube Red, with which users can access exclusive original content created by different YouTubers. Now, if the recent report is to be believed, then it appears that the video sharing platform is planning to combine this subscription service with the upcoming music streaming service and develop one single streamlined service for all the original YouTube content and music.

There are also rumors that Google Play Music would shut down once the new YouTube music service comes into being. However, time will tell whether or not this information is true.


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