Fans of the popular anime “Radiant” might be surprised to hear that the show was based on a French comic of the same name. “Radiant” is the first Manfra to be published in Japan, and it is a French comic that takes direct inspiration from Japanese manga. As a result, in 2018, the production firm Lerche created an anime adaptation, which has so far been released in two seasons.

“Radiant,” tells the narrative of Seth, a 15-year-old kid who lives in a world where monsters known as Nemeses descend from the sky. If a person survives a Nemesis attack, they are cursed and earn the ability to use “Fantasia” magic, transforming them into Sorcerers.

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Seth, a Sorcerer with two little horns as his curse mark, survived his own Nemesis ten years ago. He embarks on a mission to locate the Nemeses’ homeworld of Radiant and bring them to justice. Simultaneously, there is growing friction in the world between sorcerers and humans, which Seth hopes to alleviate.

The first season of the “Radiant” anime aired in October 2018, with a total of 21 episodes, and a second season with the same number of episodes aired in October the following year. The anime gained a large following, and fans have been wondering when a third season will be released ever since Season 2 ended. Season 3 of “Radiant” has a lot of information so far.

When will Radiant Season 3 be available?

Radiant Season 3 - All Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

The future of “Radiant” is still very much up in the air, as it is with many anime shows waiting for a second season, as Lerche has yet to renew or cancel the series. However, in the case of “Radiant,” a Season 3 delay is justified because they simply ran out of material to cover from the original comic series. The French comics, as well as the Japanese manga adaptation, are still ongoing, however, Season 2 of the anime has finally completed the plot of the original material.

This means that, in order for “Radiant” to get a third season, the anime would have to either go its own way with an original story, use the short story that has been out since October 2019 and have a lot of filler episodes, or simply wait until more of the manga is released and the next story arc is finished.

Many fans are hoping that the anime waits until the Season 3 story arc is completed and published as a manga before adapting it for the screen.

Radiant Season 3 - All Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022
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Given the current state of affairs, fans should expect to learn about the anime around the end of 2021 or early 2022, with fresh episodes arriving in late 2022 or 2023.

In the anime’s third season, which characters will appear?

Seth, voiced by Yumiri Hanamori, who previously appeared in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” is at the center of “Radiant’s” plot. Seth is a young Sorcerer with the goal of hunting down Nemeses and bringing Sorcerers and humans together in harmony.

Alma (Romi Park), a severe but caring woman who survived the same Nemesis attack as Seth, serves as a mentor to him. Alma basically raises Seth and teaches him everything she knows about Fantasia and hunting Nemeses after the tragic occurrence.

Seth encounters and allies with a variety of intriguing personalities on his path to Radiant. Mélie (Aoi Yki), a girl with a dual personality, Doc (Shintarou Oohata), a researcher and Sorcerer, and Ocoho (Mai Fuchigami), a gifted young girl who begins as an apprentice of the Order of the Knight-Sorcerers of Cyfandir, are among the characters.

Radiant Season 3 - All Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

She grows up to be a princess and the heir to Queen Boudica (Yukana), the monarch of Caislean Merlin, who is a giantess, five times the size of a normal person, due to an infection.

Of course, an anime wouldn’t be complete without enemies such as the Inquisition, a military group that tries to expand its authority while perpetuating a terrible image of the Infected, people like Seth who survive Nemeses’ attacks. The Bravery Quartet, a gang of robbers and con artists who cause havoc in Pharenos, is another option.

What can we expect from Radiant Season 3?

The naive Seth battles Nemeses for the first time in the first plot arc of “Radiant,” and comes to the conclusion that he must track down Radiant and destroy the source. “Infected” refers to those who have survived Nemeses’ attacks.

They become Sorcerers capable of using Fantasia magic as a result of the attack, but they also get a unique curse that is unique to each individual. Despite the fact that the Sorcerers are the ones that go out and risk their lives hunting and killing Nemeses, they are constantly shunned by the human community.

Radiant Season 3 - All Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Seth gradually realizes that a dark power is emerging within him during the course of the first season of the show. Seth decides to leave his buddies behind because the Inquisition is pursuing him. Seth becomes engaged in the politics of Ocoho’s home kingdom of Caislean Merlin in Season 2, which is when Ocoho makes her debut appearance.

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Ocoho is determined to become a Sorcerer-Knight and protect her people, despite numerous setbacks along the road. Meanwhile, Mélie, who is left behind by Seth, must establish her own personal meaning without the help of her companion. In addition, she must overcome the difficulties of her split personality curse in order to make friends and sustain relationships, which is a difficult task.

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