Who Is Steve Kornacki’s Husband? Look Into His Personal Life

Steve Kornacki is a well-known American political journalist, writer, and TV host. He holds the position of national political correspondent for NBC News, making him a prominent figure in the world of political reporting.

Recently, Kornacki, from NBC, broke down the vote totals during the race for governor in Kentucky between Governor Andy Beshear and challenger, Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

When we look into his personal life, Steve Kornacki openly shared that he is gay through a column in Salon in 2011. This revelation piqued the interest of his fans, who were curious about his personal life, including his relationship status. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Kornacki’s personal life.

Steve Kornacki’s Relationship Status: Does He Have A Husband

As of now, Steve Kornacki has never been married and is currently single. There are no current rumors or reports of his involvement in any romantic relationships.

In 2020, BuzzFeed reporter David Mack made light-hearted jokes about his relationship with Steve Kornacki, playfully referring to him as his “husband” during election coverage. On Twitter, David humorously inquired, “When will my husband, Steve Kornacki, return from war?”

Who Is Steve Kornacki's Husband? Look Into His Personal Life

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He also teased about Kornacki’s bedtime routine of reading supportive tweets, which, while clearly intended as jokes, led some Twitter users to speculate about their relationship. It’s worth noting that David Mack has a boyfriend named Michael Bauer, so any speculation about a romantic relationship with Kornacki is unfounded.

Kornacki’s Journey to Coming Out

Steve Kornacki’s journey to openly identifying as gay was a deeply personal one. For years, he kept this aspect of his identity hidden, presenting himself as straight. However, on November 16, 2011, he decided to confront his fears and share his truth with the world. He penned a piece about his experiences as a gay man while working at Salon, where his story was published.

His family was supportive and proud of him when he confided in them about his identity a week before the article’s publication. Kornacki also discussed his past experiences of secretly meeting men online, referring to a special person he called “Dan” in his story.

Who Is Steve Kornacki's Husband? Look Into His Personal Life

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In 2010, Dan, who was Kornacki’s boyfriend at the time, came out as gay and invited Kornacki to meet his parents. Sadly, Kornacki declined the offer due to his fears, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship. The regret and loss of the companionship he once cherished prompted Kornacki to come out as gay. Since then, he has been open about his identity and his journey.