Vicente Saavedra Net Worth in 2022! Latest Update on Personal Info and Current Relationship Status

Vicente Saavedra is a well-known producer of music. He founded his own record label, “Dimelo Vi,” a few years ago, and it was through this company that Ozuna rose to prominence. Today, Anuel AAAand Olga Tanyon, as well as Nicky Jam, and I work together.

The echo of the moment he and Ozuna decided to walk away and break all types of ties so many times was still there. To be honest, his breakup with me had a significant impact on me. Between us, we’ve had a year full of ups and downs.” In an interview with the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, Vicente Saavedra stated.

“It was how to handle a breakup, in a really chilly fashion, and much more so when you love the artist,” he concluded.

He is the father of three young daughters with whom he shares a life of luxury and travel.

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Vicente Saavedra’s Net Worth

Vicente Saavedra’s net worth is $1 Million. A huge amount of money he earns through managing big artists and he has his own record label, “Dimelo Vi,” he has signed artists – Ozuna, Anuel AAAand Olga Tanyon, and Nicki Jam.

The figures for Vicente Saavedra’s net worth have been generated using a number of different socioeconomic criteria. Please keep in mind that this is simply a rough estimate, and Vicente Saavedra’s real earnings may differ significantly from what is stated.

Vicente Saavedra Facts

Vicente Saavedra’s biographical information

Ozuna [Reggaeton Singercareer ]’s was launched by him, an entrepreneur and talent agency known in the Latin music industry. Over 90,000 people follow him on his verified Instagram account.

Vicente Saavedra Before fame

He started out as a record producer for White Lion Records and Buddha’s Family, both independent companies.

Vicente Saavedra’s contribution

He made a commitment to Ozuna’s [Reggaeton Singer] professional progress in 2015. Two years later, he was named one of the 40 Under 40 by Billboard Magazine.

Vicente Saavedra Birth Place

He was born on Puerto Rico’s island.

Vicente Saavedra’s Organizations

He was seen in 2019 with Ricardo Rosselló, a politician.

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Vicente Saavedra’s Relationship Status

Up to the altar! Vicente Saavedra, a Dominican businessman, and Clarissa Molina, a Dominican actress, and communicator, have announced their engagement.

Vicente Saavedra and Clarissa Molina have gotten engaged.

The eight-month-old couple spoke exclusively to Hola USA magazine about their romantic proposal on a beach in the Virgin Islands two weeks ago.

The creative businessman spoke with his Dominican family at Christmas, who gave him their blessing, and then he prepared everything until Ozuna and Daddy Yankee’s jeweler designed the ring.

“He was thrown this magnificent piece of art.” The ring is absolutely lovely, and he wanted it to be as one-of-a-kind as our relationship. In addition to what it might be worth, there is a significant value. “He said I deserved a ring like the one he’s giving me,” Molina explained.

Vicente Saavedra and Clarissa Molina Proposal

They went to the Virgin Islands, where he invited her to join him in watching the sunset. He took her hand in his and began telling her about his feelings:

“I told her, ‘My love, I want to speak with you,’ and we walked along the beach’s edge, and I told her I had never felt so good… if she felt the same way.” She stated, “Yes.” I turned her around to see the letters ‘Marry me’ written in the sand and knelt down to make her feel like a queen. “I told her all I was feeling, and she had a cell phone on her person at the time, which she dropped or tossed, prompting her to cry, and we hugged. Everyone emerged from hiding to cheer when she said yes.

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