Trinity Seven Season 2 - All You Need to Know in 2022

Trinity Seven Season 1 was one of those shows that came out of nowhere and ended up being a strong contender for anime of the year. It was released in 2014, and it’s now been more than four years since we’ve seen a sequel.

The story revolves around Arata Kasuga, a typical high school student. He’s literally transported to another reality, just like in any previous Isekai anime, but this time it’s because the world he used to live in was an illusion that was destroyed by a breakdown event.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date Update

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Hijiri Kasuga, his cousin, is also taken to the artificially recreated dimension with him. Now, Arata is on a mission to preserve the world. Mira Yamana, Arin Kannazuki, Lilith Asami, Levi Kazama, Yuti Kurata, Akio Fudo, and Lieselotte Sherlock are the seven members of the Trinity Seven squad. Arin represents Anger, Lilith represents Lust, and so on. They each represent one of the seven deadly sins.

Trinity Seven is expected to be released sooner than you think, according to our sources. The anime will be released on April 11, 2019, if you’ve been waiting for it. I’m really looking forward to this show’s second season, especially because the first one has been so long in the making.

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