This week, there will be a noticeable lack of new manga content, but what is Golden Week in Japan, and why are series taking a vacation for it around the world?

Every week, millions of manga lovers await the arrival of the latest installment of their favorite series.

Unfortunately, because of Golden Week in Japan, the global manga community will have a significant gap in their usual Sunday routine.

So, what exactly is Golden Week, how does it affect the distribution of new manga chapters outside of Japan, and when can we anticipate our favorite series to resume?

What exactly is Golden Week?

Golden Week, which runs from April 29 to May 6, is a period of the year when the entire country of Japan celebrates a number of national holidays, also known as Ogata Renkyu, or Long Holiday Series.

Golden Week is the longest vacation week of the year for the majority of Japanese workers, with many firms closing to provide time off work to celebrate and partake in the festivities:

April 29th โ€“ Showa Day; Former Emperor Showa’s birthday
May 3rd โ€“ Constitutional Memorial Day; The day the postwar constitution went into effectย ย 
May 4th โ€“ Greenery Day; The day dedicated to Japan’s environment and natural resources.
May 5th โ€“ Childrenโ€™s Day; The day when families pray for their children’s health and success.

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People travel to tourist locations to take advantage of the time off from work during Golden Week, making it one of the busiest times to visit Japan.

What Is Golden Week? Why Are Manga Series In Japan Taking A Break For It?

The phrase ‘Golden Week’ became popular after a film company’s managing director lauded the week for encouraging people to attend cultural institutions, including the cinema.

Why Are The Manga Series Taken Off For Golden Week?

Manga authors and publishers, like the rest of the Japanese workforce, take Golden Week off to honor the many national holidays.

In fact, as part of the festivities, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will be closed for the full week, putting numerous series on hold.

Regrettably, this means that manga lovers all over the world will have to wait a bit longer for their favorite series to resume their weekly release schedule.

This is because outlets like Viz Media and Manga Plus only publish big series at the same time, which means that if a chapter isn’t released domestically in Japan, it won’t be available on online platforms throughout the world.

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Are there any manga series that aren’t taking breaks?

Golden Week is a time for many manga series to take a rest, but there are several that will be releasing new content.

Despite Viz Media’s Golden Week chapter release schedule, the following series will continue to receive new chapters:

  • Kubo Wonโ€™t Let Me Be Invisible chapter 109 โ€“ April 27th
  • Kaiju No. 8 chapter 61 โ€“ April 28th
  • Spy x Family chapter 63.2 โ€“ May 1st
  • Seraph of the End Chapter 114 โ€“ May 1st
  • Show-ha Shoten chapter 8 โ€“ May 1st
  • ย Twin Star Exorcist chapter 106 โ€“ May 1st
  • World Trigger chapter 223 โ€“ May 1st
  • Ghost Reaper Girl chapter 35 โ€“ May 2nd
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