Are Ben Simmon And Megan Thee Stallion Dating?

Ben Simmon’s name was supposedly brought up in Tory Lanez’s trial, and within a minute, it was found in the middle of a strange situation that he had never expected. Everyone was shocked to hear that Meg had been shot in the foot at a party, which turned out to be a rude and annoying conversation.

During the trial, the lawyer said that Kelsey had said that Megan had done something wrong in the past by dating men she had dated. Kelsey was also said to have dragged Ben Simmon’s name through the mud and said that he had dated Megan Thee Stallion. Let’s hear what Ben Simmon has to say about this accusation out of the blue.

Are Ben Simmon And Megan Thee Stallion Dating?

Is Ben Simmon Dating Megan Thee Stallion?

During the trial for Meg’s case, the defendant allegedly said that Meg Thee Stallion had a history with NBA star Ben Simmons. This created an odd situation during the trial.

As soon as Simmon found out that his name was being brought up in a case where he had nothing to do with it, the NBA star moved quickly to end it. Ben Simmon decided to post a popular video of Rick Ross yelling and bursting “Accusations” on his Instagram account. There is no truth to these claims.”

Even though Ben Simmon isn’t said to have mentioned Meg, Tory, or Kelsey in the post, it was clear that he had nothing to do with the case or with Megan Thee Stallion because he strongly denied ever dating her.

Since the trial had only been going for one day, it was clear that the defense’s clever plan is to convince and clear the air around Tory Lanez that Kelsey, not Tory Lanez, shot Megan.

Are Ben Simmon And Megan Thee Stallion Dating?

So, it’s now clear that NBA star Ben Simmons did not date Megan Thee Stallion, and he’s free of the charge. They didn’t know each other in the past, and Ben Simmon has nothing to do with Megan’s case.

Ben Simmon is a well-known professional basketball player from Australia who plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Philadelphia 79ers took him with the first pick overall in 2016, and he was named one of the most interesting NBA rookies of the year in 2018.

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He has said that he doesn’t want his personal life to be known to the public, and a false accusation with Megan seemed pointless and bad for this young and energetic 26-year-old star. So, when his name was found in a strange place, he cleared the air right away because he knew what would happen to his career if his name was tied to a case he had nothing to do with.

The Shooting Case Of Tory And Megan

The case of Tory Lanez shooting his fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion was all over the internet, as everyone knows. This case went to court in Los Angeles on Monday. So, if rapper Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, is found guilty of shooting Meg, he would have to spend twenty-two years in prison on three felony charges.

Tory Lanez, aka Peterson, has been charged with three felonies, but he has pleaded not guilty with all his might. The prosecutors say that he is the one who shot Meg Thee Stallion. If he is found guilty of hiding a gun and beating Tory Lanez, he will have to count the bars in prison.

Are Ben Simmon And Megan Thee Stallion Dating?

In his defense, Tory Lanez’s lawyer is said to have said that Kelsey Harris, a close friend of Tory’s and one of Tory’s assistants, shot the rapper Meg when their friendly conversation turned into a verbal and physical fight.

The defense lawyer said very loudly that this case is all about jealousy. The defense said that Meg Thee Stallion had been with men Kesley had been with before and that she was doing the same thing with the handsome NBA star. This turned into a pretty disgusting and annoying conversation, the defense said.

So Megan was shot out of the blue after she was rude and got into a fight. Luckily, none of the shots killed her, and she got better quickly.

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But it wasn’t long before it became clear that Tory Lanez was behind the big fight.

In the coming days, Megan Thee Stallion would testify. And, according to the prosecution, Tory’s text messages to Meg have shown that he has admitted to doing something terrible to her and that he wants to apologize. So, his chat history would be strong evidence against Tory Lanez, and Meg’s testimony would really hurt him in the days to come.

Are Ben Simmon And Megan Thee Stallion Dating?

Megan Thee Stallion is best known for the way she sings, and she often criticizes people who talk about Black Women and violence against them without being afraid to say what they think.

So, after the incident, Megan Thee Stallion said, “As I walked away from him after a party, I was shot twice.” Even though I am a victim, I have been met with doubt and criticism. People’s questions and debates in public about whether I was to blame for my own violent attack show that I was right to be afraid to talk about what happened.