Are Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen Still Together?

Shayne Jansen, who was on the second season of Love Is Blind, and Chloe Veitch, who was on the first season of Too Hot to Handle and the second season of The Circle, were both on the first season of the Netflix dating show Perfect Match.

The show “Perfect Match” brings together contestants from past reality dating shows like “Love is Blind,” “Too Hot to Handle,” and “The Circle” and gives them another chance to find love by dating each other and finding their perfect match.

Every week, those who don’t find a match are kicked off the show, and new people come in to try to break up the couples and find their own perfect match. In the end, the eliminated contestants vote for the couple they think is the best match, and the couple with the most votes wins a cash prize and is named the winner.

Know About Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch is a British reality TV star who became famous after being on the Netflix dating show “Too Hot to Handle.” Chloe was born on March 6, 1999, in Essex, England. She started out as a model before making the switch to reality TV. She became very popular quickly because of how outgoing she was, how contagious her smile was, and how beautiful she was.

Are Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen Still Together?

She is also known to have been on the second season of the show “The Circle,” Channel 4’s “Celebrity Ghost Trip” in 2021, where she was paired with Too Hot To Handle co-star Nicole O’Brien, and “Celebrity Hunted” in 2022.

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She also has a huge number of fans on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where millions of people follow her. Chloe is known for being friendly, confident, and upbeat, and she is seen as one of the next big things in reality TV. Even though she is successful, she stays humble and thankful for the chances she has been given. She is also committed to using her platform for good.

Know About Shayne Jansen

Shayne Jansen is an American reality TV star who became famous after he tried to date Natalie Lee on Season 2 of the dating show “Love Is Blind.” When Shayne said, “I do,” Natalie said, “I do not.”

Shayne was born in Florida on July 18, 1993. He grew up in a small town and worked as a model before moving on to reality TV.

Are Shayne and Chloe Still Together?

Former “Perfect Match” contestant Shayne Jansen couldn’t find a match at first, and it looked like he would have to leave the show.

Shayne’s life seemed to be falling apart until he met Chloe. When they went on a date together, there was an instant spark of love between them. Shayne thought she was very charming, so they decided to go out together. Chloe even told Shayne afterward that she liked him.

The couple seemed perfect together, and it looked like they were going to be together forever until Chloe’s ex-boyfriend Mitchell Eason showed up. Chloe had met Mitchell when they were both on Season 2 of “The Circle.”

Are Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen Still Together?

After meeting on the show, they went out on a date for eight months and then broke up suddenly. Chloe and Mitchell got back together, and Jansen was sent home for a short time.

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After a short time, Chloe realized that nothing had changed between her and Mitchell and that they were still stuck on the same problems that led to their breakup. Chloe and Mitchell finally broke up, and Jason went back to the “Perfect Match” villa.

The couple seemed to fight about things that happened in the past, but they worked things out and made it to the final, where Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati beat them and were named the winners.

Now that the show’s finale has aired, we know for sure that Chloe and Shayne are…not still together. In an interview, Chloe said that the fact that she and Shayne were long-distance was one of the main reasons why they broke up ( Chloe lives in the UK while Shayne is based in Chicago).