Are Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Still Together?

Rosalia has been at the top of the Spanish music charts for years, but you might have heard her name for the first time at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards or the 2019 Latin Grammys.

Rosala, whose real name is Rosalia Vila I Tobella and who was born in Spain on September 25, 1992, has helped the genre explode in the United States.

Rosalia began dating Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro in March 2020. People have been talking a lot lately about how they might have broken up. Find out if the rumors about Rosalia and Rauw are true and if they are still together.

Are Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Still Together?

Are Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Still Together?

Yes. Rosalia is still with Alejandro Rauw. In September 2021, after dating in secret for almost 18 months, the two A-listers made their relationship public on social media.

All summer, people talked about how they were going to break up. Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro, on the other hand, seem to get along very well. At the official afterparty for Rosalia’s MOTOMAMI World Tour concert on September 9 in Puerto Rico, she was seen dancing and kissing her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro, who was wearing a black ski mask.

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Some of Rosalia’s fans think that the lyrics to her summer hit “DESPECHA,” which talks about being on your own and being left behind, are a reflection of how her romantic relationships are going. Then, people thought that Rauw’s silence on social media was a response to the breakup. Now, the singer of “Todo De Ti” says he’s putting everything he has into his next album.

“Rosalia and Rauw did a good job of not going out together or talking to each other so that the rumors about their breakup would help reveal DESPCHA,” a Twitter expert joked.

Are Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Still Together?

This month, Rauw was seen dancing again in the front row of a Rosalia event in the Dominican Republic, but this time his face was completely covered. It’s not clear if they’ve always been friends or if they’ve just recently made up. No matter what, it’s always great to see a couple who loves each other and is happy together.

As was already said, Rauw has been working on a new album when he isn’t avoiding rumors of breakups or trying to stop his death from becoming a social media trend. He woke up from his social media slumber and just recently started posting Instagram teasers. Rosalia has finished the Latin American part of the MOTOMAMI Tour. Her last show was in Puerto Rico. She will visit some of the biggest cities in the U.S. all through the fall.

Meet Rosalía On Social Media

Are Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Still Together?

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Rosalía uses all major social media platforms. You can find her on Twitter as @Rosalia and on Instagram and Snapchat as @rosalia.vt. She has more than 22.7 million followers on Instagram alone. [@rosalia.vt via Instagram]