Meet Ashley Strohmier’s Husband As The Couple Expecting Their First Child

Ashley Strohmier, a renowned American news anchor and reporter, has captivated audiences with her work as an overnight anchor and news correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC) in the vibrant city of New York. While she has garnered a significant following for her professional achievements, her personal life has also piqued the curiosity of her fans. Recently Ashley announced her pregnancy through her Instagram account. She shared her excitement for their future child by posting a picture of the sonography report. The couple appears to be overjoyed and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby.

In this article, we delve into the details of Ashley Strohmier’s husband, Mike Counihan, exploring their love story, individual careers, and shared aspirations.

Love Blossoms: Ashley Strohmier And Mike Counihan’s Marriage

Ashley Strohmier and Mike Counihan sealed their love in matrimony on April 24, 2022, in a beautiful ceremony held in Florida, United States. Although Ashley keeps her social media presence private, Mike’s posts on various platforms reflect the depth of their love and happiness.

Meet Ashley Strohmier's Husband As The Couple Expecting Their First Child

Balancing a stable career in broadcast journalism and a fulfilling marriage can be challenging, but Ashley Strohmier showcases her ability to excel in both realms through her active Instagram presence. Since their wedding day, Ashley has shared numerous photos and videos capturing the couple’s moments of joy and togetherness. Despite her professional commitments, she dedicates time to nurture her marriage, which resonates with her followers.

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Meet Ashley Strohmier’s Husband, Mike Counihan

While Ashley shines in the world of news, her husband, Mike Counihan, is deeply involved in the fitness and health industry. He serves as an elite athlete for 1st Phorm, a prominent brand, since 2015. As a sponsored athlete, Mike likely receives commissions from product sales through his exclusive Shopify website. Athletes associated with 1st Phorm can earn substantial incomes, with contributions determining their earnings, typically starting from $25,000. Additionally, Mike is recognized for his fitness prowess, having graced the cover of Ironman magazine in 2017 and featured in Men’s Fitness and Simply Shredded.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Mike Counihan is also a certified police officer in New York City. He began his career in law enforcement in July 2007 after graduating from Pace University with a degree in criminal justice. His commitment to serving his community adds another layer to his already diverse persona.

Mike Counihan’s net worth draws from multiple sources, including his law enforcement career and earnings as an athlete. While the exact figure remains unconfirmed, various sources estimate his fortune to be between $1 million and $5 million. His success in multiple domains is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

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A Glance Into Ashley And Mike Future’s Child

As of now, Ashley Strohmier and Mike Counihan do not have any children. However, they are enthusiastic about starting a family, as evident from Ashley’s recent pregnancy announcement on her Instagram account. While they anticipate the joys of parenthood, they currently enjoy their free time engaging in a variety of activities. Whether it’s embarking on fulfilling hikes, working out together, or taking their beloved dog, Jack, for walks, they make the most of their quality time.

Ashley Strohmier’s husband, Mike Counihan, complements her successful career as a news anchor with his achievements in the fitness and law enforcement industries. Their love story and marriage reflect a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives.