Who Is Bernadette Peters’ Husband? Inside Her Personal Life

Bernadette Peters is a multi-talented American actress, singer, and children’s book author who has excelled in various fields over a six-decade-long career. Throughout her illustrious career spanning over 60 years, she has appeared in various mediums, including musical theater, television, and film, and has also given solo concerts and released albums. Peters has been highly regarded for her Broadway performances, with seven Tony Award nominations and two wins (plus an honorary award), as well as nine Drama Desk Award nominations and three wins. Additionally, four Broadway cast albums featuring her have won Grammy Awards.

Despite her professional success, Peters has remained tight-lipped about her personal life. However, it is known that she has had two notable relationships in her life, with comedian Steve Martin and investment advisor Michael Wittenberg, whom she eventually married.

Is Bernadette Peters Currently Married?

Despite being a public figure, Bernadette Peters tends to keep her personal life private and rarely discusses her romantic relationships. Various sources indicate that she is presently not in a relationship and remains single. It is worth noting that Peters was previously married to Michael Wittenberg, who tragically passed away in an accident. For more information on Peters and Wittenberg’s relationship, continue reading.

Who Is Bernadette Peters' Husband? Inside Her Personal Life

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Bernadette Peters’ Was Marriage To Michael Wittenberg

Michael Wittenberg was Peters’ husband. The two people met one night as they were both leaving Peters’ flat. Peters was going on a date, and Wittenberg was going to an event for a good cause. On one of the few times she talked about her love life, the Broadway star said of her first meeting with her husband, “So he walked up to me, a stranger, and asked, ‘Are we ready to go?'” How’s that for self-assurance and humor?”

It’s not clear how long they were together, but in July 1996, they got married at Moore’s farm in Dutchess County. They didn’t show up in public together very often, and they tried to keep the Hollywood press away from their relationship. The couple lived together in a penthouse on the Upper West Side of New York City. Their best place to go on vacation was Miami.

Wittenberg was a financial manager, so he went with his wife when she had shows out of town. Her coworkers thought of him fondly as a man who was steady and calm. In 1987, Peters said in public that she wasn’t yet ready to get married. And when she finally found a life partner less than 10 years later, she said that her marriage to Wittenberg was a place that gave her stability and security but also let her “branch out.”

Who Is Bernadette Peters' Husband? Inside Her Personal Life

Unfortunately, Wittenberg’s life came to an untimely end in 2005. While on a business trip in Podgorica, Montenegro, inspecting properties, he died in a helicopter crash with three other people. Peters took care of him after he died. They didn’t have any kids and only had two dogs, Stella and Kramer.

Bernadette Peters has always been known for being a private person when it comes to her personal life. Her work has always been her top priority, and she has been described as a woman who is “married to her career.” However, she has spoken about her personal life occasionally, particularly about her husband, Michael Wittenberg. She has also revealed that she has a strong love for animals and has co-founded the annual Broadway Barks event, a non-profit organization that helps cats and dogs from New York City local shelters find permanent homes.

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Bernadette Peters’ Relationship With Steve Martin

Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin crossed paths several times before igniting their romance. They met for the first time through Martin’s agent in 1977, and they met again when they both played softball in Kenny Rogers’ star league. Their third encounter occurred when they both appeared on the show “Hollywood Squares.” It was after that appearance that Martin finally pursued her. Even though everyone knew about their relationship, they rarely talked about each other in public.

Who Is Bernadette Peters' Husband? Inside Her Personal Life

In a 1982 interview, Martin spoke about what attracted him to Peters, saying it was her “independence,” explaining that he respected her for it and knew that it wasn’t going to be a situation where he would have to accommodate her career. That year, the two presumably ended their relationship, but none revealed why they separated. Peters and Martin had worked together before on “The Jerk” and “Pennies from Heaven.” Peters praised her ex-boyfriend’s skill years after they broke up, calling him a “comedic genius.”