Kelly Clarkson’s breakup with Brandon Blackstock is giving her plenty of content for her forthcoming album as the two fight in court.

Clarkson and Blackstock married in October 2013 after dating for two years.

“I’m overjoyed.” She gushed to Us Weekly before they exchanged vows, “He’s killing my creativity.” “I’m scribbling all this cheerful nonsense.” It’s suffocating me.”

River was born to the couple in 2014, and Remington was born in April 2016. With ex-wife Melissa Ashworth, the talent manager has a daughter Savannah and a son Seth.

Clarkson told Us in February 2020, “I think parenting changes you in the best of ways.” “It’s made me stronger, but it’s also difficult.” It’s the most difficult job in the world. It makes you unselfish, in my opinion. It forces you to rethink your priorities.”

Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020, citing “irreconcilable disagreements” after nearly seven years of marriage, according to Us. The news came after the four-person family spent several months in Montana due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I mean, it’s not like it’s a secret.” In September 2020, the “Stronger” singer told Willie Geist, “My life has been a little bit of a dumpster.” “It’s been a little difficult for me the previous few months.” I’ve been speaking with friends who have just divorced. I’m not sure how people deal with that without some sort of outlet because it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to everybody involved.”

Clarkson revealed in the same month that she was attempting to “manage” a public breakup.

She told Hoda Kotb on the Today show, “You can ask anyone who’s gone through a divorce, I don’t believe anyone expects it.” “You imagine yourself growing old with someone, and then life takes a turn for the worse.” It’s quite difficult for everyone, and you know how open I am. I aim to be honest and open… We all have our ups and downs. However, we have a total of four children living with us. There are a lot of hearts at stake, and you must exercise extreme caution…. We’re in the public glare, so trying to be honest while maintaining your privacy is difficult.”

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Continue reading to learn more about Clarkson and Blackstock’s split divorce:

The Facts Behind The Divorce

“They clashed on so many levels, and being in quarantine together exacerbated their problems beyond repair.” In June 2020, a source close to Clarkson told Us that she had filed for divorce. “Everyone believed Kelly and Brandon’s marriage was great, but it was far from it. Brandon is a laid-back guy, but Kelly is a bit on the tense side.”

Brandon Blackstock’s And Kelly Clarkson Messy Divorce: Everything You Need To Know

Clarkson spent more time in California “changed things” between them, according to the source.

The Custody Agreement

Clarkson was granted primary custody of River and Remington in November 2020, according to Us.

“The Court considers that the interest in providing stability and continuity for the minor children weighs in favor of Petitioner having primary custody given the circumstances prevailing in this case,” the document read. “There has been an increase in the intensity of fighting between the parents. Because of trust concerns between the parties, co-parenting is challenging.”

According to the petition, the former couple will share joint physical and legal custody of their children, and Blackstock will FaceTime the children every day “at a mutually agreed upon time.”

The Hardest Part

“It’s a nightmare.” There are a lot of difficult sections. The children are the most difficult for me. Clarkson remarked on her talk program in December 2020, “That’s the hardest for me.” “I think we’re conditioned as women to take it all on and deal with it and be great, but it’s your babies that you’re worried about,” she says.

Brandon Blackstock’s And Kelly Clarkson Messy Divorce: Everything You Need To Know

Finalizing Things

Clarkson and Blackstock’s “marital or domestic partnership status” ceased on January 7, 2022, according to court documents filed in August 2021.

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Property Issues

Following the couple’s November 11 hearing, a source exclusively told Us in December 2021, “Kelly recently had a huge legal setback in her quest to get Brandon expelled from the Montana home that the judge allocated solely to her.” “He’s been living there and claims he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to buy his own home at this time, citing an unresolved financial part of their divorce.”

Clarkson attempted to address the court at the hearing in an attempt to have her ex-husband removed from her Montana property, but she was unsuccessful. “The judge concurred with Brandon and decided in his favor; the order hasn’t been properly signed off on,” the insider continued, indicating that the couple will return to court in February 2022.

Divorce Settlement Officialy Finalized

A judge approved the couple’s divorce settlement in March 2022, awarding Blackstock $115,000 in spousal support every month until January 2024. He will also be paid $45,600 per month in child support, with Clarkson receiving primary custody. Blackstock will be able to stay at the former couple’s Montana ranch until June, but he will have to pay his ex $12,5000 in monthly rent in the meanwhile.

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