Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

George Floyd, who used to be with Derek Chauvin, died in police custody. Within a few days, Derek’s wife filed for a divorce. Derek, three other MPD officers, and a civilian were holding George. She filed for divorce on May 30, 2020, at the Washington County District Court in Stillwater, Minnesota.

A Minnesota judge denied the couple’s request to give most of their assets to Mrs. Chauvin months before granting the divorce on February 2, 2021. The judge said that putting a lot of money in the hands of one person can be a “symbol of deceit.”

In April, the jury decided that Chauvin was guilty of three of the charges against him. Chauvin was put in handcuffs, and he was led out of the courtroom. He will stay in jail until June, when he will have a hearing about his sentence.

Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

Know About Kellie Chauvin

Mrs. Chauvin was born in Laos, but she and her family had to leave the country as refugees in 1977, when she was only three years old. They went to Thailand. They only spent a short time in a refugee camp and then moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in the United States.

As a child, Mrs. Chauvin was picked on because she couldn’t read and write English as well as her classmates.

In an interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Mrs. Chauvin said, “They say ‘land of the free,’ but I still didn’t feel like we were free.” “We could not speak English. Because they didn’t trust the world, my parents didn’t want us to leave the house. You land in this brand-new world and don’t know what to expect, so we were always kept inside.

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Because Mrs. Chauvin was a Hmong woman, her parents set up her marriage before she turned 18. After 10 years of marriage and two kids, she asked for a divorce, claiming that her husband had been violent toward her.

Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

After her divorce, Mrs. Chauvin moved to Minnesota and got an associate’s degree in radiography there. As her internship turned into a full-time job, she chose to work at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

In 2018, Mrs. Chauvin was the first Hmong woman to be named Mrs. Minnesota, which brought her a lot of attention from the media.

Kellie Chauvin Past Relationship

She was only 17 when she married Kujay Xiong, which was set up by her parents. They hadn’t spent much time getting to know each other. Kellie said, “If you’re a Hmong woman and you’re not married by the time you’re 18, your parents think nobody will marry you.” Ten years of abuse by her ex-husband led to the end of her first marriage.

Kellie had two children from her first marriage. After she and her husband split up, she moved to Minnesota. The woman chose to go back to school and get an associate’s degree in radiography after she decided to be a full-time mom. Her internship in the emergency room at Minneapolis’s Hennepin County Medical Center quickly turned into a full-time job, and she worked there for the better part of a decade.

After she quit her job in health care, she went to work for RE/MAX Results as a real estate agent.

Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

How Did Kellie And Derek Chauvin Meet?

She met Derek Chauvin gaze when he brought a patient to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis for a checkup before he was arrested. When they met by chance, love grew between them. They got married back in 2010. Soon after she was named Mrs. Minnesota in 2018, Kellie gave a newspaper interview in which she described their happy relationship in great detail.

She told the St. Paul Pioneer Press, “He’s just a softy under that uniform. He is such a nice guy. He still opens doors for me and helps me put on my coat. After my [previous] divorce, I made a list of things I needed in a partner, and he had everything on it.

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After moving to Florida in 2011, the couple first lived in a townhouse in Windermere that cost $200,000 at the time. From the year before, its value went up to almost $249,000 in the year 2020. In 2017, they spent another $260,000 on a house in Oakdale, Minnesota, which they sold for $279,000.

Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

Why Did Chauvin And Derek Getting Divorce?

Kellie Chauvin asked Derek to end their marriage on May 28, just three days after Floyd was killed in a horrible way. She asked for a divorce, claiming that their relationship had “irreparably broken down.”

Also, she didn’t ask for any money from him in the divorce. “The respondent is fully capable of taking care of herself,” says the paperwork. According to the papers, Kellie and her ex-husband both agreed not to ask for “temporary or permanent spousal support” in the future.

Kellie said that her main goal is to go out on her own, which is why she is changing her last name. She didn’t say which of her old names, Kellie May Thao or Kellie May Xiong, she planned to use in the future. However, the petition said, “She is only asking for a name change because her marriage ended.” According to the divorce papers, Kellie Chauvin doesn’t have a job right now, but she can support herself and doesn’t need spousal support.