An Insight Into Dolores Catania’s Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Dolores Catania, born on December 28, 1970, is an esteemed American television personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She rose to fame as a prominent member of the main cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, captivating audiences since the show’s seventh season in 2016.

While she has been open about her personal life on the show, Dolores’ current relationship with her boyfriend, Paul Connell, has been a topic of interest among viewers and followers. In this article, we will delve into the details of Dolores Catania’s boyfriend, Paulie Connell, and shed light on her previous relationship.

Meet Dolores Catania’s Boyfriend, Paulie Connell

Dolores Catania has been in a relationship with Paulie Connell since 2021, and their romance was made Instagram official in February 2022. According to sources, Dolores is deeply enamored with Paulie, emphasizing their shared values and connection. She appreciates his kindness and his commitment to giving back, a trait that resonates with her own philanthropic endeavors.

An Insight Into Dolores Catania's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Paulie Connell, described as an “entrepreneur” on his Instagram profile, brings his own life experiences to the relationship. Having been previously married and with children, Paulie acknowledges his sons on social media, expressing pride in their accomplishments and emphasizing the importance of kindness, appreciation, and understanding. Like Dolores, Paulie shares a love for animals and has them as pets, reflecting a shared passion in their relationship.

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Inside Dolores And Paulie’s Relationship

Despite the ups and downs of her past relationships, Dolores Catania remains optimistic about her future with Paulie Connell. The couple shares a deep bond and enjoys spending quality time together. While Dolores acknowledges the complexities and considerations involved in taking the next step, she believes that if their relationship is meant to progress further, it will happen organically.

An Insight Into Dolores Catania's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Dolores Catania’s boyfriend, Paulie Connell, has become an important part of her life. Their shared values and connection have brought them closer together, and Dolores remains hopeful for their future. As the journey of love continues for Dolores, fans eagerly await further updates and the unfolding of their relationship on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Know About Dolores’ Previous Marriage To Frank Catania

Before her relationship with Paulie Connell, Dolores Catania was married to Frank Catania Sr. in 1994. However, the couple divorced over 20 years ago. Despite their separation, they have remained amicable and have co-parented their children, Gabrielle and Frank Jr. Fans of RHONJ have witnessed their unique dynamic, as Dolores and Frank continued to live together while pursuing relationships with other people. Dolores prioritizes a peaceful and harmonious environment for her family, including her current relationship with Paulie.

An Insight Into Dolores Catania's Boyfriend And Their Relationship

On the first episode of Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, both Dolores Catania and her ex-husband, Frank, publicly introduced their new partners. This significant milestone marked a step forward in their respective relationships. Brittany Mattessich, Frank’s girlfriend, made her debut appearance during Melissa Gorga’s ’80s-themed skate party, where Dolores voiced her approval and affection for Brittany. Dolores acknowledged their history of dating on and off over the years and expressed her belief that they are a great match.