Why Did Egreis Gjergjani Divorce With Husband Jeremy Shaffer?

Egreis Gjergjani is a businesswoman who was born in Albania and lives in the United States. She has a husband named Jeremy Shaffer. She has a profile on Instagram called @thestilettomeup. More than 519k people follow her there.

When she and her husband moved to Kansas City, they were about to have their first child. Before she got married, she had a very busy job in Los Angeles, but after that, she stayed home with her kids.

She decided to make Itty Bitty Toes, a high-end couture line for kids, because she loves children and fashion.

Egreis Gjergjani

After working closely with a lot of moms for a few years and dressing their kids for every special event, she decided to start a fashion brand for these women who put their kids first and didn’t have much time to shop for themselves. This is where By Egreis got started.

Netizens are now interested in Egreis Gjergjani’s divorce because they heard she and her husband, Jeremy Shaffer, had split up. In this article, we will talk about all of that and more.

About Egreis Gjergjani’s Husband Jeremy Shaffer

The owner of Rare Moon Media is Jeremy Shaffer, who is married to Egreis Gjergjani. This is what his LinkedIn profile says.

Rare Moon Media is a company that helps companies in the subprime and short-term lending space with marketing and technology. They are the official agency for seven US lenders as well as lenders in the UK and Canada.

As of this writing, Jeremy Shaffer has 1875 people following him on Instagram.

Egreis Gjergjani

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Jeremy Shaffer Professional Life

Shafer has taught at both camps and workshops for kids and adults. He taught at Camp Winnarainbow, an arts and activities camp in California, for 13 summers. As a way to help scientists learn how to solve problems, he has taught them how to make their own origami models. One of his most famous pieces is an origami figure with hands coming out of it that looks like it’s folding itself. This kind of work has made him one of the world’s leading and most influential origami masters. He is also a performer. He does his act, which includes a lot of origami, at fairs and private parties all over the world. Besides folding the models of others, he has also made hundreds of his own and put many of them in three books.

Shafer was an active member of OrigamiUSA and put out a quarterly newsletter for the origami group BARF in the San Francisco Bay Area (Bay Area Rapid Folders, a play on BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit). But he quit to put more time into his YouTube channel. He has four YouTube channels: Jeremyevents, JeremyShafervariety, JeremyShaferOrigami, and Simple Balloon Animals. His most popular channel is jeremyshaferorigami, where he shows how to fold origami models that he designed and some from his books Origami Ooh La La and Origami to Astonish and Amuse. The channel has more than 540,000 subscribers and has been seen more than 230 million times.

Egreis Gjergjani

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Egreis Gjergjani Splits From Husband Jeremy Shaffer 

Fans and people who follow Egreis Gjergjani have recently become interested in the divorce rumors and want to know the truth behind them. People on the Internet say that Egreis’s husband, Jeremy, is trying to get custody of the children. Some fans also think that because Jeremy Shaffer had a good upbringing, he might be a better parent for the kids. On the other hand, many people say that Jeremy is not a saint either because he still has thestilettomeup under his name and he knows how to use people with low income.

So far, neither Egreis Gjergjani nor Jeremy Shaffer has made an official statement. So, we’d have to wait until the story went further. But if we believe what 99% of people on the internet say, the couple has already split up.